Glucosamine Dosages For Dogs ? What You Have To Know

Glucosamine is a substance that has been used as a supplement for people in treatment of arthritis and other joint conditions for along time. Because of its success in humans in the treatment and prevention of arthritis the supplement is also being used for the same purpose in dogs. This article will give you all the information you need, including the recommended glucosamine dosage for dogs, and how to increase the effectiveness of the supplement.

Arthritis is an extremely common condition in dogs with around 20% of the U.S population of dogs suffering from the condition in one of its many forms. There are certain dogs that are more at risk of developing the condition than others including overweight and bigger breeds of dogs, which is why increasing numbers of vets advise giving your canine a good glucosamine based supplement.

Because glucosamine is a naturally occuring substance within a dogs body it is extremely hard to give them to much and for them to overdose on the supplement. But to ensure the effectiveness of the supplement for an average sized labrador the amount you will need to give them will vary between 1000mg to 2000mg depending upon the severity of the joint condition. Most vets will recommend that you use a higher glucosamine dosage for your dog in the first few weeks and then reduce it.

But rest assured that when you buy any glucosamine supplement from a good manufacturer they will provide you with a table stating the recommended glucosamine dosage for a dog, dependent upon the weight of your dog.

You can increase the effectiveness of the glucosamine that you give your dog by making sure that the supplement that you are giving them contains chondroitin as well. All the clinical tests that have been carried out so far on dogs have concluded that when the two substances are used in conjunction they are more effective than just using on their own.

This is because glucosamine is used in your dogs body to make the cartilage on the ends of the bones, and accounts for a large part of all the cartilage in yours dogs joints. Chondroitin has a slightly different function, it acts as the scaffolding within the cartilage of your dogs joints. It’s main function is to stop the cartilage being squashed and keep it rigid while holding all the substances that make up cartilage together.

So when there is not enough glucosamine or chondroitin in your dogs body to regenerate, the cartilage in your canines joints this can lead to severe osteoarthritis in your dogs joints.

When you are looking for a supplement to give your dog it is wise to give them something that is recommended by vets and has a track record of sucessfully reversing the breakdown of cartilage in your dogs joints. I say this because supplements for dogs are not regulated by the FDA so some of them are not as effective as they promote themselves to be, so it is important to select a supplement that has a good track record and is recognised and used by veterinary professionals. To watch a video of a vet with over 20 years experience talking about a supplement that he recommends visit

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