Having Fun With Your German Shepherd Dog

Games and other kinds of dog training allow you and your German Shepherd a chance to blow off steam and have a fun time together in an otherwise boring day.

Dog owners who regularly play with their German Shepherds develop a better understanding of, communication with, and respect for, their dog.

Playing games of any kind with your German Shepherd is really good for your relationship. Remember, first of all, dogs are social creatures and playing is one important element in developing and maintaining their social relationships. Playing games is a fundamental way of “modeling” real life behaviors.

One positive method of training your German Shepherd is one in which you teach your German Shepherd Dog to obey your commands by participating in fun and games that make following your instructions so much more enjoyable. When handled properly this type of learning is a very positive experience and one in which even the most boring of commands can be learned very efficiently and effectively.

To keep your GSD from getting bored, playing fun and games of any kind, whether it be while training or simple play, can be one of the best methods available to you. You originally got your GSD for companionship didn’t you – isn’t playing with your dog and playing fun and games with him one of the main reasons for getting him in the first place?

One great tip for you is that any play activity that your dog really likes (but one that you can control) can be used as a fantastic reward for good behavior. For example, a game of fetch can be a great reward for a good training session. This will make training much more rewarding and something that the German Shepherd can really get excited about.

Try using a favorite game like tug of war or fetch to reward great dog training sessions such as recalls or long stays. It will make the dog training more fun, more rewarding for the pet and the training will “stick” with your dog much better. Fun and games is very important – to your German Shepherd Dog as well as to you.

If your German Shepherd is a good swimmer, any activity mixed with water, say for example, at a lake or pond or even a small wading pool, can be so much more fun and fantastic exercise.

It is very important to know that you must establish control of your German Shepherd Dog in any and all situations – especially when he’s very excited as in the height of fun and games.

Many of the games described below can actually help effectively train your German Shepherd in many ways.

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