Helpful Info About Why And How To Become A Good Trainer For Your Dog

The reason that the vast majority of dogs are naughty is the indifference of their owners. The hunter, who buys a dog, saw no need to get good guidance on dogs training, and if he gets a book, he does not explore in depth enough. And most importantly, the dog owner must be able to correctly understand, to love, to learn how to “think like a dog,” only under these conditions it is possible to achieve the desired result of dog. The majority of dog breeders, many thousands of them, because of its rigidity and inability to content themselves with ill-bred dogs rush at all and leading to masters at the leash for a walk. This breeder is difficult to correct and completely change their views, humanized dog; for example, that his dog is’ just does not say, “she understands every word,” “stubborn, it makes for evil,” “she knows what offended” and so on

To become a real trainer should categorically renounce such views, to understand the dog properly, i.e. learn how to perceive all the phenomena of life as they perceive a dog, learn how to justify all her actions with her dog, and not at their own, human, point of view. It must be clearly understood that the dog can not think (as people) that she has no feelings of guilt or innocence (as in man) that she does not understand the meaning of the words: ‘command’, ‘listen, “” reward, “” punishment ” .But we will continue to conditionally use this terminology, as well as to express our thoughts do not have the other, and by abolishing it, confuse the reader.

The dog many senses and abilities are developed much stronger than the human, for example, sense (sometimes it borders on the incredible), ears, and the orientation in the area. The task trainer – ably and correctly use these abilities. The actions of the dogs are never called us wanting to do something pleasant or useful. It must firmly grasp. If the dog stops any undesirable for us to act, which she gladly would have continued, it is only because as a result of our intervention has become a dog, with the repetition of the act, rather unpleasant experience for dog. If we were able to get the dog to fulfil our requirement, it is only because she had already acquired experience that, having fulfilled this requirement, it can avoid the pain and trouble and get praise and a treat.

In nature, we can observe that the animals ignored the pain in trouble in order to avoid a much bigger trouble and pain. Why a fox trapped itself gnaws off its leg? In order to avoid starving to death or fall into the hands of the most terrible enemy – man. Why male undermines fences, tearing with his claws and injuring the blood paws? To get to the empty bitch, it pushes it to the instinct, but by his “dog’s thinking.” These properties can be used for training. If we want to achieve from our dog any action, you have to put it in such unpleasant for her condition, so that the desired action would be for a dog to exit from these unpleasant conditions. For example, we do not want the dog ran out into the yard through the front door. When she would go there, you must throw into it a handful of shot or hit a whip, or to arrange a cold shower – in general to deliver any trouble, time must be left open that door, through which the dog must go; at its exit from this door should praise her and give her a piece of delicacy. Of course, after this long a dog will not walk through the front door.

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