Holistic Dog Supplements: Treat Your Pet||apos;||s Conditions With Natural Medicines

All-natural health supplements are an excellent option for treating many of your dog’s ailments. Here are two examples of natural cures for common problems that may plague your dog.

Use Melatonin To Allieviate A Fear Of Fireworks And Thunder

Dogs often are scared of loud noises, especially thunder and fireworks. Puppies are particularly sensitive to such problems because they are often skittish and have very sensitive hearing.

Upon seeing a terrified dog, many dog owners turn to tranquilizers when a pet has to deal with a thunderstorm or Independence Day celebration. This is an extreme measure that is best avoided if at all possible. Luckily, there is a safe, drug-free treatment option for dealing with these stressful situations.

Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone that is normally secreted by a small endocrine gland called the pineal gland, which is located at the base of the brain. Melatonin works to regulate and maintain the body?s circadian rhythm. In humans, this natural hormone is used therapeutically as a gentle sleeping aid. In canines, melatonin can be used to alleviate anxiety resulting from loud, scary sounds. Melatonin is also useful in treating less common sources of stress and anxiety in dogs.

Melatonin is known to provide positive results for over 75% of frightened dogs who are given the hormone. Whether the treatment should be given before the noises begin or after the anxiety has set in varies with individual animals. The relief typically lasts for about 8 hours after treatment.

It is advisable to consult your pet’s veterinarian before administering melatonin and other holistic dog supplements to get the recommended dosage and to be aware of any special concerns for your particular dog.

Eliminate Fleas With Natural Plant Oils

Another common problem for dogs is fleas. Fleas are often treated with strong chemicals, but there is a holistic alternative.

Natural plant oils obtained by steam distillation can combat fleas without traditional chemical treatments. These oils are rubbed into your dog’s fur to treat and prevent flea infestations.

As an additional benefit, these natural plant oil formulas often also include essential oils such as lemongrass, lavender, and peppermint that repel mosquitoes and sooth your dog’s skin and improve his coat.

For cures without chemicals and harmful side effects, consider additional natural supplements for all sorts of ailments, including a dog joint supplement and constipation in dogs.

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