House Training Your Dog

Every dog owner has at one time or the other wondered if there is a magic formular they can use to house train their dog. When a dog is well house trained, that simply means he or she is not only well behaved but that he or she knows when to go to the bathroom. In most cases, this means that the dog knows he or she must go outside for potty.

House training? Consider The Dog’s age

The earlier or younger you start house training your dog the earlier it will be for both you and the dog being house trained. Puppies are much more likely to learn new things than their older counterparts. Also the tactics to be used when house training depends largely on the age of the dog in question. But that does not mean older dogs can not be house trained.

Maintain a Order Routine

One of the best way to house train a dog is to maintain a sense of orderliness and or routine. Once the dog gets used to the an established schedule, it will become easier for them to trust that he or she will use the right bathroom for potty. Schedule/ routine is very important to house training a dog because it reduces the urgency and the dog will understand she can wait because he or she will be able to go outside.

Be Patient and consistent

Patient and consistence work in every aspect of life inclding when house trying a dog. patient and consistent is key to house training a dog. Even though it is always very easy to house train a puppy, he or she will still need to undergo some period of learning. If you are patient, calm and consistent, the dog will response to this and increase the chances of being house trained.

Some dogs get house trained faster than others. If you have been trying to house train a dog for some time now and he or she doesn’t seem to be getting it, keep in mind that there is no one right way on how to house train a dog. Remember all dogs are different and what works for Mr A may not work for you.

It may take some “doings” and time before you get the right way that the dog will understand better. Also you may want to take advise from a vet or other animal experts if they dog doesn’t seem to be getting it or just in case there is something wrong that needs to be straighened out such as a urinary tract infection.

Pay Close Attention…

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