How Difficult Is Australian Shepherd Puppy Training?

Are you thinking of obtaining a new dog and wondering how difficult Australian Shepherd Puppy Training will be? Aussies are exceedingly bright dogs that have well developed herding and chasing instincts. With proper training, Aussies make great companions and domestic dogs. With no proper discipline and training however, they can become upset and even surly. Aussies need to understand their position in the family hierarchy, and they find out that place through training. If you determine an Australian Shepherd is the dog for you then preparation will be a substantial part of your life with the puppy in the first few months. The good news is that training an Aussie is easy and pleasurable.

Start your Australian Shepherd dog training with the fundamental commands – Sit, Down, and Come. Extol your dog each time they effectively finish a command with petting, admiration or puppy treats. When they have mastered these commands you can move to more complicated obedience requests. Be careful to always highlight the fundamentals as you move to new commands. Because Aussies learn so speedily it can be easy to gloss over things – but it is during reverberation that a learned command becomes automatic reaction. Regularity of expectation is critical when working with Australian Shepherds. Always keep in mind to build on past lessons – ‘you know to do this, now I want you to do this as well’ is the greatest approach.

The crucial elements of Australian Shepherd dog training are stability and repetition. Aussies are quick to respond and love being praised, so when they are praised well for a specific behavior they will take great effort to duplicate that behavior and earn more admiration. As long as you are attentive and give praise when it is looked-for, your Aussie puppy will be very easy to train. In no time, they will implement a number of behaviors as habitual. Because they are so open to training Australian Shepherds are excellent dogs for children and can become wonderful companions for the disabled or friendless.

Australian Shepherd puppies will respond quickly to training so it is not complicated to train them. In spite of this, they are very active dogs and will need a great deal of focused concentration in the first few months of life. Australian Shepherd puppy training should consist of socialization, conformity training and some sort of dexterity or play based training. Aussies will challenge the family hierarchy, deliberately trying to assume your partner in bed, etc. You will have to keep a firm hand and not cosset these behaviors to guarantee your dog becomes a satisfied member of the family.

Australian Shepherd dog training is not complicated if you remember to stay firm and unswerving and spend some time educating them each day. Fortuitously, Aussies like the challenges of training and will respond earnestly to your hard work. Mull over the hours put into training your puppy an investment into a miracle dog of your very own. Your Aussie will relish in pleasing you by learning new techniques and tricks, which you can then use to impress your acquaintances. Discover simple and straightforward methods of Australian Shepherd Puppy Training as soon as workable.

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