How Dogs Understand A Command

The dog responds to our commands for two reasons. The first is – the understanding by the dog what we want from it, when we submit the command. If the dog understands the command only partially ? you can not achieve reliable performance skills. Almost every dog owner from time to time, assures me that his or her dog is just stupid or stubborn – it knows what to do on command, but does not. If you are sure that the dog understands you, think, is the second reason satisfied. A dog can very well understand what we want from it, but if it also realized that we are not consistently demanding and not always persistent, it can conclude that the subject is not always necessary. The second reason lies in our consistency and in our constancy.

Imagine that you have arrived to a country which language you do not know. And a beautiful young woman asks you, of course, in their language to open the door. You will stare at her in exactly the same way as your dog stares at you when you are just embarking on its training.

And no matter how many times the woman repeats the request that you do not understand. You absolutely would not have understood if she even shouted at you. And you would be very scared if she ran for you, spinning over her head a newspaper and shouting: “Open the door!”- on her own language, that you can not understand.

But you would probably have guessed what this woman wanted; if she gently took your hand and saying the phrase would show you what you should do. After a certain number of rehearsals, you would finally understand what was meant by the stranger.

After several weeks of repetition of the sign, the woman could check how you have learned this phrase. She would have asked you, without any help: “Open the door.” If you did not respond to the request, the woman would help you again. I think that no matter how stupid you were, but then you would understand her.

Exactly the same philosophy of education applies to dogs. You should not get angry and curse at the dog; if it does not respond to unknown or unfamiliar command. You should first explain to the dog, what means this command.

To explain something to a dog, you have to do three steps. First, you must find a way to make the dog do what you would like it to teach. At the same time you have to pronounce the word that would be a command. This is very important. Dog will never reliably reproduce the skill, if you do not connect its actions with the command.

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