How Important Is Your Yorkshire Terriers Pedigree?

When you start your search for a Yorkshire Terrier, you will obviously want one that is registered with the AKC (American Kennel Clubs). But how important is a Yorkshire Terrier with a pedigree? The fact is that all purebred Yorkshire Terriers will have pedigrees, and if they don’t, you won’t want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on the dog. But how important are the names on that pedigree?

It really all depends on your plans for the Yorkshire Terrier. If you are seeking a Yorkshire Terrier that will be a championship show dog, only his qualities matter ? not his pedigree. On the other hand, if you plan to breed the dog, the names on his pedigree do matter a great deal.

Not only do you want a Yorkshire Terrier, in this instance, that has champion names on his pedigree, but you also want to ensure that the male and female that you plan to breed do not have the same names on their pedigrees. If the same names appear, and the dogs are too closely related, this can result in birth defects and genetic problems.

A pedigree is no more than a record of the ancestors of the dog. The pedigree begins with the dog’s parents ? his father, who is referred to as the sire, and his mother, which is referred to as his dam. This follows with the dogs two grandsires, two granddams, great-grandsires, great-granddam, and so forth. Some dogs pedigrees go back long ways, while others don’t go past the grandparents.

Some owners find a pedigree pointless, and have no care as to what names are on that pedigree ? or even that one exists. Other owners put a great deal of stock in the names on the pedigree. Again, this largely depends on what it is that you plan to do with the dog.

The dog’s pedigree should be registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC). There is a small registration fee for doing so, but in this way, you will be certain that your dog’s records will be accurate, and retained for all time. You can then say that your dog has a pedigree, and that he is registered with the AKC. You will then receive a certified pedigree for your Yorkshire Terrier, and the fee is approximately $30. There are other services that record pedigree information, but the AKC is recognized worldwide, and it is preferred.

When the AKC records your dog’s information, you must provide the full name of your dog, and it must not be longer than thirty characters. Furthermore, you may not choose a full name that has already been used by another dog. The certificate that you receive from the AKC will give more information about your Yorkshire Terrier than his heritage. It will also state his date of birth, his sex, his color, his owner, his breeder, and any awards or titles that he has won. This information is updated throughout the dog’s life, as it is reported to the AKC. Only awards and titles issued through AKC sanctioned shows is included.

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