How Should I Feed My New Yorkshire Terrier Puppy

Follow a feeding rule will insure your Yorkie will have the appropriate nourishment and can continue good health and physical condition. Begin by first finding a excellent high quality dog food. The first listed ingredient on your dog food should be “meat” not a meat by product. Also be sure that there are no preservatives or chemicals in you Yorkies food as this a lot of times cause different types of allergies. We have found feeding an all-natural diet that is totally free of dyes and preservatives, is the most significant thing in eliminating food allergies. Many times dogs become far less reactive when these additives are eliminated. This means totally removing ALL preservatives from the diet including those in food, treats and supplements. You can do research on which dog food you find to be best, but it is vital to feed a high quality if not even human quality protein source whether it be raw or cooked. You can easily prepare your own homemade food for your Yorkshire Terrier adult or yorkies puppies.

When you purchase a yorkie puppy, ask the yorkie breeder what they had been feeding. When you bring your Yorkshire Terrier puppy home from the breeder you should continue to feed the same food in the same quantities as the breeder was feeding. If you later decide you want to change the kind of food, to a different brand for example, then progressively combine it in with the food the breeder was feeding. Execute this over 10 to 14 days, increasing more of the new food each day until you are feeding him the new food entirely. You have to transition slowly from the old food to the new. If you don’t permit his tummy time to adjust he may suffer diarrhea or other intestinal upset.

Next pick a quite, out of the way spot to feed your yorkie puppies and Yorkshire Terrier adult. This should also take place at a certain time of the day each day. For Yorkie puppies you should feed them at least three times a day, morning, early afternoon and before bedtime. Once they turn a year old, you can drop the feeding to once or twice a day. You should offer the food for an hour or so and then take any uneaten food away until the next scheduled feeding time.

The label on the can or bag of dog food provides good guidelines for how much to feed your puppy, based on his weight and age. You should also consult your Vet for some guidelines on how much to feed him. Remembering that the ingredients of the food is of the upmost importance. yorkie diets has to be tailored to your specific yorkies needs. Keeping everything natural is always a healthier alternative

Monitoring his body weight and behavior is key. If he seems to thin and lacking energy, you may be feeding him to little or he may be sick. Take him straight to the Vet for a checkup. If you are feeding him to much he will start to put on excess fat, in which case you will need to give him more exercise and cut down on the amount of food you’re feeding him.