How To Choose The Right Dog Bed For Your Pet

We are all aware of the benefits of a good night?s sleep to both your short-term and long-term health. Things are no different for your Dog. While most dogs can lie down and curl up to sleep on almost any surface a good quality Dog Bed will provide your dog with the extra level comfort that any dog needs to ensure that they get the best possible good night?s sleep or a quality rest between periods of activity. Another benefit of having a Dog Bed is that Dogs thrive on routine so having their own space and area to sleep in will make your dog happier, more content and more disciplined. It also makes for a better alternative to having your dog sleep with you which as we all know is not ideal.

So which Bed is right for my Dog then?
When buying a bed for your dog there are two main things to consider. Firstly, which type of bed would suit your dog and secondly, which size bed would be best for your dog?

Choosing a Type of Dog Bed provides you with a great range of shapes of Dog Beds. But which one should you choose? First of all, have a look at the way your Dog sleeps. If they like to snuggle up when they are in bed then an enclosed bed will probably be the best option. If they are the type of Dog that likes to stretch out and moves around during their sleep then a blanket type bed or less enclosed option will be your best bet.

Choosing the Correct Size of Dog Bed
Choosing the right size bed for your dog is probably the most important feature. As a general rule, smaller dogs like beds that are cosy therefore buying a bed that is just a little bit bigger than them will work best. Larger dogs like a little bit more space to move while they are asleep. Measure your dog while they are lying down rather than standing up. If in doubt, choose the size up rather than one that is too small.

Other Factors to Consider
All Dog Beds sold at are easy to wash so you don?t need to worry about your Dog sleeping in dirt and grime. Another point to consider is the location of your Dog Bed. If your Dog will be sleeping inside then a Sherpa Fleece material will be suitable however if the Dog Bed will be situated outside then you are better off choosing a more durable and waterproof option. And lastly, there is no need for your Dog?s Bed to become an eyesore in your home. provides a tremendous of range of colours and styles where you are bound to find something that will suit the decor of your home.

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