How To Ensure Your Puppy Gets A Good Nights Rest In Their Dog Bed

Nothing can ruin your sleeping patterns like a restless Dog. Depending on the type of Dog your dog may need to get up to 13 hours sleep in order to function properly throughout the day. Here are a few ideas to ensure that your pooch can settle down to sleep so that you both can go to Bed and get a good night’s sleep.

* Bribery! If your Pet is refusing to sleep in a crate or in the Dog Bed that you have given them then use treats to reward her for good behaviour. Put treats in the back of the back of the Dog Bed and/or always use positive tones in your voice when talking about the crate or the bed. Conversely, never punish your Dog by sending them to their Dog Bed or else the Bed will be seen in a negative light by the Dog

* Dogs are creatures of habit. If their sleeping situation has changed recently or there has another major change recently then this might be cause of their sleepless nights. Ease any changes on your Canine. Be patient and show them where you want them to sleep. You might need to get out of your bed in the middle of the night and address your Dogs issues as they occur but it will be beneficial for you in the long run

* Make sure your Dog gets lots of exercise. Most kids (and adults as well), sleep best after large bouts of exercise. Your Dog is no different. Canine’s need at least 30-120 minutes of exercise every day so it might be that your hound is restless because of a lack of exercise. Some breads of dogs require more exercise than other dogs.

* The food that your pup eats generally provides them with more energy than the food humans eat. Therefore it’s even more imperative that they don’t eat just before they go to bed. Also, make that they relieve themselves prior to bed to ensure they aren’t disturbed throughout the night

* The rhythmical ticking of a clock can help relax your pet and put her off to sleep. Place the clock in the Puppy’s bed or next to the bed. Check out My First Dog Bed which has a handy pocket attached to the side which can be used to put a ticking clock inside. The ‘ticking’ mimics the heartbeat of the puppies’ mother and helps to reassure your puppy. Alternatively, playing the radio softly is another option. sells a tremendous range of UK made Dog Beds, Dog Coats and Dog Toys at great prices. With our great selection we are bound to have a Dog Bed that both you and your Dog will love.

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