How To Groom Your Yorkshire Terrier Puppy

The way in which a Yorkshire Terriers coat shimmers and flows as they float across the floor is a breathtaking sight to say the least. To have such beauty reflects that you have to possess a little know-how and some dedicated effort. It is possible to learn to groom your Yorkie. This grooming time spent between you and your Yorkie will develop a special bond and a sense of pride and accomplishment as you observe your Yorkshire Terriers beauty unfold.

A Yorkie also can support numerous shorter cuts verses the long lavish look belonging to the long flowing coats. They are obtained by trimming the coat so that the coat does not touch the floor. There are numerous different styles . Your Yorkie breeders ought to be able to assist with questions you may have on grooming. This information is dedicated toward grooming Yorkies to get the long flowing coat.

To have a long coat on your Yorkshire Terriers is far easier to grow and maintain as it is in many other breeds. This is due to the correct silk coat texture and that Yorkies haven’t any undercoat which makes for no shedding. Your home and furniture will not be covered in dog hair. This is also a benefit for all those with allergies.

Start first by getting your Yorkie ready for his or her bath by detangling the coat plus removing any mats which may be present. Never brush a dry coat, moisten coat with a detangler before brushing the coat out. Brush gently not to break hair unnecessarily.
When you get a tangle or mat within the coat, spray the tangle or mat with detangler or silicone based product and work tangle apart with your fingers. Take into account to remove the loose hair from the mat rather than removing the mat from the hair. Brush area out after, never brushing a dry coat, mist with mixture of water and leave-in-conditioner or detangler and use a natural bristle brush. Note that it’s best to get all mats and tangles out prior to bathing.

Give your Yorkie a bath with a good quality shampoo and conditioner weekly. Before drying your Yorkie, apply a very light coat oil mixed with water in a spray bottle, lightly mist the whole coat and brush throughout the coat. Keeping your Yorkie puppies or Yorkie adult in very light coat oil will assist prevent getting tangles and mats along the way and also helps prevent breakage. It will also make it easier to get them ready for his or her next bath. You don’t see this when you see Yorkie puppies for sale, however it is very common to cut down on grooming time.

Once your Yorkie is dry it’s time to trim the ears. Trim the hair off of the top third of each ear. Being very careful not to chop into the ear leather. You can also use hand scissors to do the outside edge. Trim down one third of the way down from the tip of the ear on both sides of each ear.

And last but not least, trim the toenails. Once the nails are cut, trim the hair around the feet. Trim the hair between the pads of the feet so the pads are free from hair and make direct contact with the floor. Then with the foot on a table cut the hair around the foot so that the hair does not touch the table, but is close to the table without actually touching.