How To Stop Your Dog From Digging

Dog Training: Prevent Dog From Digging

Is your dog’s digging practice driving you really crazy? Nothing is more frustrating than walking across the lawn simply to trip on your dog?s latest excavation project. Yep, that would be Buddy, however you ought to have named him Digger! I?m sure that he has an outstanding reason for digging up the lawn, however I believe that I may make an equally strong case for why he should not ever dig up the lawn. Too bad that we can?t talk!

Well, while you really can?t technically hold a chat with your dog, there is surely nothing to keep you from communicating.

Why Does Your Dog Dig?

Have you actually ever stopped to consider why your dog dig? He does have a basis for that hole that he is working on, or maybe even several reasons. Here is a list of of the most common reasons that dogs dig and what you can do to prevent dog digging.

Boredom – If you really notice digging along dog digging under fence or by the gate, it would seem as if your dog is striving to escape. This happens because he is bored. He needs to be occupied, and he requires to be exercised. Just a side note here, if you really are ever not sure what to do about unpleasant behavior that your dog is exhibiting, start with exercise. Several canine behavioral problems are caused by a dog not ever getting enough exercise. Think about it, if your dog is napping, he is probably not getting into trouble. So get out and get moving with your dog.

Overheating – If your dog is digging little pits along of the side of your house in of the 100-degree heat of summer, then you really could want to offer him an alternate chilled respite. Digging down to lay on the cool earth is a highly effective route to lower body temperature, and dogs are smart enough to understand this.

Make sure that your dog has plenty of cool, clear water. If you really notice him burrowing into the ground under a deck or in some other confined space he is creating a den. If you really do never want him in that location, then put a large crate in an alternate cool, shady spot with abundant fresh, cool water. Grassy areas make the ground cool and high-quality ventilation helps continue things relaxed also. If you actually offer your dog a chilled place to throw away his hot days, he will happily settle in to his new and improved ?digs?.

Consider of the Breed – Some dogs simply dig. A number of dogs fetch. Certain dogs retrieve. So consider the breed of your dog. If you decide to go mind to mind and fight Mother Nature, smart money announces that your dog may still be digging tomorrow. So if you cannot stop your dog from digging, then you may redirect where he digs.

Choose an area that is his digging area. Dig in a sandy soil blend, and you really may even bury ?treats? for him to find while he digs in of the good spot. Soon enough he can be cheerful to dig in that area and many things are happening.

There are no holes in your part of the yard. He is getting exercise when he is digging in his ?approved? digging area, and of the treats are worthwhile him for digging where he is supposed to dig.

The moment that you actually include your dog digging in his part of of the yard, what is the greatest route to go about filling up his holes so that he will leave them alone? Once a dog digs a spot he is much else likely to dig it up again. If this happens to be in your flower garden, you include a problem. So there are a couple of things that you really will do, and yelling at him is never only of them.

Fill of the hole about three quarters full. For the last quarter of the hole, mix mud with mothballs, pinecones, eucalyptus leaves and other non-toxic, natural repellants. When your dog returns to of the scene of of the crime, he will soon discover that this hole has changed. His digging area with treats can seem wonderful by comparison, and you really must be able to reclaim your yard.

Fill of the hole just about to of the top. Then cut a section of chicken wire and cover of the hole. Place the wire over of the hole and cover with dirt. Now while your dog goes to dig, he will hit the wire and decide that he requires to relocate his digging efforts. Again, this is why his ?approved? digging area is so important. If he is getting negative reinforcement where he is never supposed to dig and positive reinforcement in his ?approved? area, then you really not ever one stopped him from doing of the bad digging, but you have replaced it with of the good digging.

While on of the surface digging looks like simply plain sad behavior, your dog probably has a basis for it. Take a moment and see if you can perceive what he is telling you when he digs that hole, and then offer him a solution for his problem, like a chilled place to nap. Give him a place that he may dig to his hearts content, and create it a positive experience by burying treats for him. And finally while all else fails, take him for a good run each morning, because remember, sleeping dogs don?t dig!

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