How To Tape My Yorkie Puppy’s Ears Up

When seeing my first Yorkies for sale I could have not imagined what a little intellectual puppy that Yorkies can be. A Yorky puppy is not just intelligent but beautiful at the same time. On the subject of your Yorkies ears, most Yorkies ears will stand up by the point your Yorkie is 6 to 8 weeks old, contingent on the length and weight of the ear. The larger the ear, the longer it will take for them to stand up. Also the thicker the ear leather and the longer the ear, the chances are that your Yorkies ears will need assistance in standing upright. When buying a Yorkie puppy, it is best to find Yorkshire Terrier puppys for sale that already have their ears up.

If they are not up, one place to start is very carefully shave your Yorkies ears. This helps as it prevents the ear from being weighed down from the hair. Shear one half to at least one third of the way down your puppy’s ear, shaving with the grain of the hair. Never shave against the grain of the hair. Shave both the front side and the rear side of the ear. Be very careful not to cut the puppies ear in the process because the ear leather is very thin and will bleed a good deal if cut into. Using a small clipper made with a smaller blade is best for this task. These are similar in size to mustache trimmers. And naturally always have someone to assist in holding the puppy during this process. When shaved correctly, the portion of the ear which is shaved should resemble the form of a V, with the tip of the ear representing the bottom of this V shape.

If at 12 weeks old your Yorkie puppy’s ears are still not standing upright, then the next thing to do along with the shaving of the ear is to tape your Yorkies ear upright. Start by using masking tape and tape each ear first individually. Fold the ear into itself vertically with a tip at the top. Place the masking tap around the middle of the ear to keep the ear in this position. Be sure to leave an opening at the base of the ear as to let the inside of your puppy ears breath. Once this is done to each ear, keeping the ears positioned correctly and centered, tape the ears together with masking tape.

Remove the tape every 4 days or so, if the ears are standing upright, leave the tape off and watch the ears closely to make sure they stay up. If they flop back down, or aren’t standing upright at all, follow the previous instruction and re-tape your Yorkies ears. Carry on this procedure until the tape is removed and your Yorkshire Terriers puppy ears are up and stay up. In case you are still in need of help with taping your puppy’s ears, get a hold of your Yorkie breeders for further assistance.