How To Train An Unobedient Dog.

If you have an unobedient dog that refuses to sit & listen & your commands to your dog seem to be uneffective, a new programme could be exactly what you need to fix your pups issues. My two dogs, a German shepherd and a Poodle, are both very aggressive and do not always listen directly on command. So, for kicks I purchased a new puppy clicker tool and tried it out of my dogs. From the moment I first clicked the button my dogs had their ears perked up and immediately pointed their attention towards me. I was very surprised because it seemed as if the sound would annoy them, instead it worked perfectly.

My pups were very well behaved after I began using the puppy clicker tool and best of all i didn’t need to hike out loads of money to go to a professional trainer or anything like that! Just this little tool and programme and all the work was done!

Adorable puppies are very cute. Just take a closer look at their eyes, wet noes and gentle faces and you would know what I’m talking about. Labrador puppies are also adorable and cuddly when they are still young. However when they mature in about three years their body and behavior changes.

You as the master should see to it that it knows who the master and trainer are. It is very important that you establish the relationship between you and your pet in the early stages of your relationship. Labradors actually have a good temprement. They are friendly and well balanced not the destructive, aggressive and hyperactive type as many people would associate them.

Labradors are not exempted with this characteristic and like other dogs they would need training to be obedient. Keep your Labrador training light and manageable, don’t overload it or your dog will become irritable.

An exmaple of effective dog training is this;

You can’t stop your dog from barking permanently. But you can stop him from barking at inappropriate times, or you can train him to stop barking once you have been alerted.

So let’s look at how you can stop this problem step by step.

Step 1 – Show your dog that you have been alerted.

Step 2 – Tell your dog to be quiet.

Step 3 – Show him a food treat, but don’t let him have it yet. This should be enough of a distraction to stop the barking.

Step 4 – Now praise and reward him for being quiet.

Step 5 – Once he has been quiet for a few seconds, give him the food treat.

This really does work, so give it a try!

But what if it doesn’t work for you? Usually, with patience and persistence your dog will learn to associate the command “be quiet” with not barking, and receiving a food treat. Eventually, the command “be quiet” will be enough.

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