How To Train The Dog For Stand Command

When commanded “stand”, the dog should be on his all four legs. This is one of the very necessary commands and should be coached only after the dog got master in “sit” and “down” actions and prior to the “stay” command.

Correct Time For Practice

As the Action is vital, it could be taught Initial stage. The training sessions should be changed depending on the state of the mind of your little puppy. It is very important for your puppy to to be attentive and pay attention to you throughout the teaching period. And for that, he is in a playful manner. His tummy is filled and he is not in any kind of soreness.

right Place

since this command does not need any kind of motion from the dog, you can practice it wherever and every where. You must commence the coaching indoor as well as outdoor the house, not slighting the security of the dog.

As training any command for as first time, it is all the time advisable to commence the session in an separated space or site where there are minimal distractions for you and your dog.

Step By Step dog training

1. Chose your dog’s favorite treat and call him by his name.

2. As soon as he arrives, tell him to sit without presenting him the reward.

3. As he seated, place the reward in your hand facing of his nose.

4. little by little raise your hand and make him follow the motion. As he stands to grip the reward, utter a loud “stand” and give him the reward, praise him and pat him.

5. Follow the step a times in a row.

6. Now take a break for a few hour. This time, command the dog to stand before showing him the reward. If he obeys you, give him a nice pat and definitely his treat. If he does not follow you, repeat with step 2.

7. Follow the technique 4 to 5 times during the day for minimum a week. And soon you will be having the successful actions.

8. little by little, decrease the number of rewards. Praise him whenever he follows your order and reward him occasionally.

9. Do not lose your patience. Keep your endurance high as the dog will commit faults.

10. completion of the seventh day of the dog training, if you are satisfied with the responds, then you can carry on with teach the next phrase of commands to the dog.

Important Tips

1. Never force more than one instruction on your dog at a given duration.

2. Never reinforce the instruction over the dog. If he is not obeying, fault is in your coaching.

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