How To Train The Dog To Go To Your Spot

“Go to your spot” is big helpful in point where you require to forward the dog?s act. Like for Instance when you have gust at your home, you without doubt do not need your dog to jump all over your visitors and bother and fright your visitors. In this point if the dog is trained for “go to you spot” which might be any thing, his couch or mat or space, you get the all scenario under control.

The “go to” command is also supportive when:

1. You are taking your lunch and don’t need your dog to beg around.
2. When he is barking excessively, this order forward his mind effectively and facilitate to make him cool.

Before dog training your dog for this order, keep a few stuff in mind:

1. The dog should never think this command as a punishment. Thus apply it only where essential.
2. Fix his spot like the bed or his crate or someplace you want him to sleep and do not change it again . Like if you have introduce him to the order “go to your bed” then do not alter it by saying “go to your crate or mat”. This make confusion.

Step By Step Training


Move two meters away from the spot. Call your dog. Give him the order “go to your mat”. At the same time as doing so, direct your finger towards his mat and throw his Interesting treat over pets mat. He will run to the spot to get the treat. Praise him when he does so.


Replicate the above trick a lots of time. Any time you should point towards his mat while giving him the order. Be generous in giving treats and praises.


When the dog has started follow you, little by little increase your space from his mat. First command him same time you are in the same room, then little by little move on to the other room and then outside the house.

A winning “go to your spot” will make the dog go back to his mat or bed from anywhere.


When the Time dog has mastered the order, it is the time to cut the treats, but not praises!

Treat him each three or fourth time he obeying you. Instead of giving him the treat to lure, price him for his obedience.


Practice makes the man just right! The Same rule holds good for dogs also. Repeat the above dog training steps number of times in a day and soon you will find you?re self to be a proud master of an obedient dog.

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