How To Train The Dog To Sit

A methodically taught dog not only makes you a proud owner but also assists you to converse with your dog in an efficient manner. The dog coaching is not enclosed to a time of few months.

It is an ongoing practice and more you train the dog a lot you get grip of any dog relevat events. coaching a dog to sit is one of the commands set off to the dog in his early teaching days.

There are few basic of dog training that are to be remembered while coaching the dog any thing and everything.

1. A trained dog is an obedient dog. It is never too early to start with the teaching progress.

You can commence his coaching from the day of his coming

2. Do faithfully exercise the action trained to the dog everyday hence to identify better how well and what has your dog trained.

3. Never tell off ,yell or punish the dog in the mid stage of the training time .

strengthen the wanted actions just through extol and treat.

These reality hold/bear) true for any kind of dog coaching.

The sit command is very useful and easy command. This command helps you to redirect your dog’s mind and behavior at the times he is over enjoyed.

For an example when you return home from work or making his much loved food, your skipping dog can be put to cool help of the sit command.

It is the base/basic/initial/first) command to be introduced before coaching the further commands as “stand”, “stop”, “shake hands” etc. Any dog who does not know “sit” command cannot other commands as well.

Step By Step dog training
Step 1:
dog training desires you to expend a plenty of time with the puppy, at least in initial days . To train him the action, first try your canine familiarwith the word “sit” and the action associated with it. To do this, hang on with him and say louder and clear “sit” whenever he sits.

Step 2:
Every time he sits, give him with a treat. keep in mind! do not stand and throw the knick-knack over him. This will change the dog’s sitting mode. Instead this, you come down to his stage and keep the treat before of him. hence he is able to get the treat with the position.

Step 3:
while practicing the giving a lesson the next day, hang the treat at his nose level and let him react to it. Never place the treat high as that would make the puppy skip for it.

Step 4:
Every times the dog sit yet when you are not in his coaching mode, say “sit” and extol the dog. This makes the dog to understand that this movement is to be followed not just at the time of teaching! Remember, use treats and rewards only during the teaching time otherwise you may convey the wrong meaning to the dog that you will give to eat him each times he sits.
trust it, the dog be keen to obey you, the only thing he needs for that is the correct direction!

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