Interesting Facts About The Attacks Of Pets On Their Own Masters

Let’s try a little bit to understand why the attacks of pets on their own masters occurs. Who is to blame? May be it is breed?

The legislation of many countries has decided to do it very simple – to prohibit certain “objectionable”, or as considered socially dangerous breeds. Somehow, under the Central Asian shepherd dogs and Schnauzers, and black terriers fell in the brand. It seems that the officials have simply decided to deny the dog breeding with working breeds. Maybe a German shepherd will be banned!?

When broadcasting of the attack of a dog on a child, I have some questions that are unlikely to get answers.
First question – the dog lived for 6 years, and with no reason whatever attacked this child, isn`t it!?
The second question – the dog “waited” a year to pounce on the child?!
Third question – where were the parents at the time of the attack?!
Question of the fourth – the adequacy of the owners, who strangled and hanged their dog!? And proudly demonstrated to the whole country hanging an animal!? What they can grow from a dog!?

Some breeds have a number of specifics in education and growing. Inexperienced owner are not recommended to begin the experience with dog breeds as follows – Staf-terrier, pit bull terrier, bull terrier, Rottweiler, Bourboule, mastino napoletano, Bull Mastiff and others. The education and growing of these breeds differ from the growing of poodle, boxer, dog, Golden and other companion dogs. BUT: robust and well bred dogs of these breeds have become darlings of the same family, as well as other breeds and also played with the children so as walked, guarded the house and the hosts. So what’s the problem?!

But the problem is in the incompetence in the breeders who sell dogs and owners who bought at the loud ads like – “Pit-Bull – is the best nanny for your child!”, “Staf-terrier ? is a friend and defender of you and your baby!” etc. Seeing this many people become in the joy that their child will grow under the protection of a such good dog, but the fact that this dog should grow up and be properly brought up, before it becomes a friend and defend for the child, they do not think!

Here’s an example – “Puppies of bull terrier from Champions parents “and the phone number. I called.

-Hello! And what the bloody of your puppies?
-We do not know, some gave us the girl, and its father works in the Ministry of Internal Affairs with the wanted list. Puppies without pedigree. But if you need pedigree ? will make it and you will be able to display it!!
-And how mother treats children!?
-Yeah. She lives outside the city, in the barn. Children come to her normally, but it does not let men go in, it rushes. Although no one had taught it, but it is very well guarding. And the price is acceptable!

Question: what will grow out of these puppies!? Personally, I would be afraid to take a puppy from such pair of parents to my child. Although I have experience with ?bulls?, and I trained Shepherd, when I was 16 years old!

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