Intro To Common Skin Conditions In Canines

It’s common for dogs to experience various skin conditions. It can be difficult to diagnose them sometimes since other conditions sometimes mimic their symptoms. These diseases include Cheyletiella, mange, hot spots, and ringworm. Here is a look at some of the most common problems.

Hot Spots

It’s common for your pet to develop hot spots in canines. They occur when areas of the skin become inflamed. These areas are usually infected also, and the infection can only be superficial in the skin or deep. Symptoms include oozing, redness, and hair loss in the area. Some of the most common causes of hot spots include mites, fleas, and injury. Topical medications, oral antibiotics, or special shampoos can be used to treat this condition. It’s also important to clean the affected area frequently.


Cheyletiella dermatitis is one of the next common skin diseases in canines. Mites are responsible for causing this condition. You can also be affected by these mites, so you need to be careful. This usually results in an itchy rash.

Itching, redness, and swelling are common signs of a mite infestation. The main symptom is known as “walking dandruff”. If too many mites affect your dog, you should be able to see the small white specks moving along your dog’s skin. Cheyletiella is treated using shampoos containing pyrethrin, lime sulfur, or selenium sulphide. So that the problem won’t recur, you’ll also need to clean your dog’s environment. Use a vacuum throughout your home and a flea control spray.


Sarcoptic mange is one of the next dog skin problems. Sarcoptes mites are responsible for causing this condition in canines. These mites cause dogs to experience severe itching. Your dog may scratch at the area so much that sores develop. The vet will have to microscopically examine a skin scraping . Sometimes, vets have a hard time detecting these mites. Therefore, the condition can be hard to diagnose. Special shampoos can be used to eliminate an infestation of these mites.


You should be relatively familiar with ringworm, since it’s the same condition that affects humans. Ringworm is a skin condition that can be caused by various species of fungus. Crusting, scaling, and hair loss are all common symptoms of ringworm. Some dogs also experience mild itching. Lime sulfur shampoo or oral antifungal medication can be used to treat ringworm in canines.

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