Introduction To Brucellosis In Canines

Brucellosis, a disease that targets the reproductive tract, is a common cause of infertility. Affected males may experience infection of the sexual organs, while females commonly experience abortions. Keep reading to learn all about brucellosis in dogs.


Bruccella canis is the bacteria responsible for causing this condition. The bacteria can be transmitted when your dog comes into contact with vaginal fluid or semen. The bacteria that causes canine brucellosis can also be transmitted by contact with aborted puppies. You can also be affected. The bacteria causes flu-like symptoms if it infects humans.


This disease may not cause any visible symptoms. Dogs that do display symptoms usually experience lethargy and swollen lymph nodes. Females usually experience an abortion within two months of breeding. Some pups will be born dead while others will die soon after birth.

Males affected by this condition will experience infertility and inflammation of their sexual organs. The pain will make the dog reluctant to breed. In some cases, canine brucellosis can cause damage to your dog’s nervous system and kidneys.


This condition can be very difficult to treat. Streptomycin, and Minocycline, and Tetracycline can be used to treat this condition. Even if your dog is treated successfully, he will likely be a lifelong carrier of the disease. He will likely transmit the disease if he is bred.


Brucellosis is a condition that can’t be prevented via vaccination. Before breeding them, it’s important to have all dogs tested for this disease. As mentioned earlier, the bacteria that causes canine brucellosis can also be transmitted to humans. When handling dogs affected by this disease, you need to wear gloves. It’s also important to wear gloves when handling bodily fluids.

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