Is It Safe To Buy Puppies On The Web?

So you’ve decided to buy a puppy. You have thought it out well and feel you can look after one and have the space and lifestyle to look after a dog. A good start is to explore the puppy classifieds online and search for puppies available that suit your requirements.

No doubt, the Internet is a great way to find puppy breeders. Its easier, faster with quality breeders usually having a presence on the web.

The trouble is the web also has pitfalls for puppy buyers. Every mouse click while looking for a puppy is never far away from a potential scammer who wants you to part with your hard earned cash. There are a few different scams but they are relatively easy to avoid. Don’t look for a bargain, especially for quality breeds. If a puppy is low priced or free than its likely to be a hook from a scammmer .

No money must ever change hands before viewing the puppy. This simple point cannot be more straight forward and essetntial. If you don’t view, you are really leaving your self wide open for problems.

When viewing any puppies think like a detective. You must read between the lines and discover the truth of how the puppies have been raised. Look for evidence of mistreatment and try and ascertain the characters of the seller. Puppies must be brought up like children with kind parents otherwise they never fully trust humans.

Like buying a car, a puppy should come with documents. Insurance is important to help protect you purchase when the puppy is still vulnerable and high vet bills could be possible. If you are buying a quality breed, the owner might have the dog registered in a club to authenticate its quality. Take your time and check everything before making any payments.

Probably one of the most important steps is to actually check the puppy’s condition yourself. Your instincts will be an excellent guide in deciding if the puppy is healthy. Is the pup active and full of life. Does it have sparking eyes and a wet nose.

Last but not least paying for anything with a deposit always has its risks. Especially when buying a new puppy from a private seller. You really need to take a moment to have a think before proceeding and laying out any cash.

The above points are mostly common sense but commonly neglected. For every buyer there is a scammer waiting so proceed with caution and take your time. Soon you will then be on the way to a future with a lovely puppy and it will have been worth waiting for the right one.

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