Is Your Dog King Of Your Domain? – Learn How To Train…


Dogs as well as their masters face certain challenges during training. Every dog of every breed is of a different mood. Some things are common though for dog trainings. Apart from the reason for keeping a dog as pet, it should know some basics. Obedience training is a must. Master will not be happy if the dog does not listen to any of his dogs

An important thing to understand while training dogs is that they tend to follow leaders. Master of the dog has to behave like one. Consistency is the word for a leader. You should be clear about what you want from your dog. This should be followed every day and in every training session. Attention of the dog should be focused on you throughout the training session. Yelling is no option, as it shows you are losing control.

It is difficult to maintain a dog?s concentration for the entire duration of the training session but it is a must. Dog training is all about acquiring and maintaining his attention. Unlike young children, dogs also have short spans of attention. A training session should be short-like a 20 minute session or two short sessions of 10 minutes each. The session place should be free from distractions. Use a normal voice tone with your dog. Try to explain what exactly you want out of him. Though your words may sound as a useless chatter for the dog but it will help him to remain focused. Positive training is certainly better with punishments and rewards alike. A dog should be eager for his sessions. Rewards like treats, praise or a pat can be given at each accomplishment. If this doesn’t work then check that how and what are you telling him to do. Some dogs need more training than other dogs.

One method used with one dog might not work with the other. A distinct NO or hand gesture is better than any punishment. Consistency in behavior is required to motivate your dog to behave in your desired manner. It is in human and animal nature to try the limit and find the closest escape. Dog training is effective when it is consistent and not when you give punishments.

Dogs are similar to humans. Dogs respect and follow a leader. Dog training is like going to school. Dogs enjoy fun things and especially when they are rewarded for their particular act. Master and dog want a secure and blissful relationship with their loved ones.

Dog obedience training can make this happen! dog Tricks

Patient and adventurous trainers teach their dogs some fun tricks. Some of these tricks help the dog to stay disciplined and active. Now, let us examine a few tricks that can be taught to your dog without any professional help.

? The easiest trick is known as the shake hands trick where one extends his hand to say, ?Shake hands?. Thereafter, catch the paw of the pet in your own hand and shake it. Try to do this a couple of times and the dog would understand this trick.

? The second one is the turnaround trick where the dog is positioned facing you. Then hold something in one hand and ask him to turnaround. Move the treat to the left until the dog begins to follow it. Soon the dog will be in the original position facing you. Now, appreciate the dog and the pet will turn around without any treat being offered to it. Repeat this several times, until the dog learns it.

? The third trick is the crawl trick where the dog is asked to lie down in front of you. Then a treat is offered to it and pulled backwards in slow motion. As the dog moves up to snatch it, move him back with your hand and encourage him to crawl. Once he starts crawling, appreciate it.

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