Keeping Our Pets Safe On Holidays

The holidays are here and the time of years gets really busy for us all. We start to think about family, traveling, holiday music, and sometimes it easy to forget about our small dogs or small pets.

I’m writing this article about helpful dog safety tips and suggestions to remind us to keep out pets safe while it starts to get a bit wild during the holiday season. Some might think that the information might be obvious or common sense, but when you mind is in the holiday cheer you might simply forget all these things.

Here are some helpful tips that I hope make your holiday happy for you and your pets.

1. Keep a checklist posted on the refrigerator or some easily accessed area of daily activities. Make sure you include your pet on the activities list. You know how much small dogs love to be walked. Check out our list of best dog training books for more information on dog training.

2. When your friend ask if they can help you with anything remind them not to give human food to your pets. Ask them to play with your dog during play time or help you with dog training and provide your guest with the healthy snacks you want your dog eating. We have all heard of stories of people feeding turkey bones to dogs, yikes!

3. Keep your medicines, cleaning supplies,and insecticides and other harmful items stored and locked far away from pets.

4. Keep your pets leash on with its identification tags on during this time of year.

5. It is best to keep your small dog away from the Christmas tree as dogs love to snack on anything they might be able to fit into their little mouths.

6. If you are planning on traveling make sure you make arrangements as soon as possible for your pet. Including finding hotels and travel places that are pet friendly or finding a pet hotel if you plan to leave you pet back home. These pet hotels can fill up fast. I know last year all the pet care places were full and I had to leave my dog with a neighbor. Not the optimal solution, but I should have made plans in advance.

7. Limit surprises by reminding your friends and family that you have a pet and understand your needs for your pet including nutrition, exercise and training.

These are just a few of the tips I hope will make your holiday season a more joyful experience this year. A simple reminder like this article can help you avoid harmful and expensive situations for you and your pet. It is always a good idea to remember our small pets when we get busy during this time of the year.

Happy Holidays.
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