Learn How To Teach A Dog Not To Bark

Excessive barking can be awfully frustrating, and teaching your dog can be stressful to say the least, however, with persistence on your part you can learn how to teach a dog not to bark. With the ideas set out here, you will be on your path to a “bark free” dog.

While it looks as if dogs bark to hear themselves bark, that is not the reason they bark. The majority of dogs bark out of anxiety, excitement, boredom, stress and being left alone, just to name a few. Dog owners do not realize it, but we could have encouraged him or her to bark while they were a puppy.

It truly is important that you comprehend that for dogs, barking is mostly a normal way for them to talk. They learn to bark excessively from us owners, because we mistakenly reinforce barking.

One thing that is crucial that you think of as you are learning how to teach a dog not to bark, is that you have got to reward him when he is silent. We usually yell at our dogs when they bark, and all this does in push them to do it more. In alot of cases a dog was trained when to bark, but not when to quit barking.

When your dog is quiet, reward them by way of verbal praise, but not too much. A lot of praise can encourage them to start barking again.

You can begin reducing the amount of attention your pet receives in a day by ignoring him when he is trying to get attention. This will be hard to start with, and you being consistent is the answer. However, the rewards are excellent.

If your dog barks when you are away, leaving on a radio while you are gone, and leaving chew toy will benefit your dog. The toy must also be a unique toy that he just gets when you are gone. This will make you going a treat for him because he gets to play with his special toy.

It is also believed that the generic dog food results in behavioral issues in dogs. Be sure and feed your dog a healthy diet plan that is full of nutrition.

Another thing to try is to distract him once he begins barking. You can do this by tossing an item near him, like keys, or something that will make a loud enough noise that it will get his attention, and when he stops barking, give it a couple of minutes of quiet after which you can tell him that he is a great dog. When you praise him straight away, he will get excited and begin barking again.

Remember the key that unlocks the door to you learning how to teach a dog not to bark is how persistent you happen to be with your efforts, and always remember praise and reward.