Learn To Leash Train Your Yorshire Terrier

You should start to begin lead training to your yorkies puppies at a fairly young age. If at all possible at about 12 weeks old. Each period should be kept very, very, short and extremely encouraging. Start first by purchasing a nylon collar for your puppy. Put the collar on your puppy for a short time each day while you are readily available to oversee, giving him phrase and encouragement the entire time.

Once the yorkshire terriers is use to the collar being around his neck you can continue to the next phase which would be to add a very light weight short leash to the collar. You should again do this for a short time each day while you are there to oversee. Fasten the leash to the collar and let your puppy just drag the leash about. Do this inside the house and be sure not to let it get tangled and hung up on anything. This is done to get your puppy use to the sensation of something tugging at the collar that is around his neck. Never pull on the leash or scold your Yorkie at anytime. Only reassure and phrase him the whole way through each training session. You can even try this at his dinner time or treat time as to associate the experience with something positive. You should continue with this every day until your puppy is comfortable with this process.

The next stage is to pick up the leash and only follow your puppy wherever he wants to take you, the whole time telling your puppy what a good dog he is. Never put him in the situation where you will be pulling or tugging on the leash. Instead, try to coax him to you by offering your puppy a treat or toy if you need to redirect him to go into a different direction for any reason. Never discipline or scold your puppy during any of his lead training sessions, as this will only make him afraid of the leash and he will learn to dislike it. Positive reinforcement is a must with lead training.

Once he leads you around with confidence you can then venture outside for short sessions. Repeat until he is no longer frightened. Never force your puppy to walk as this will only impede the lead training process and make him frightened. Although leash training your akc yorkshire terrier puppies can be a challenge, it is necessary for the safety of your dog when he is taken places and you need to have total control over him. Having your yorkie puppy leashed trained can make taking your new puppy so much easier and safer for him due to the unforeseeable accidents that can and do happen with other dogs, traffic and such things. It will also put you at ease when traveling with your companion dog.