Make Use Of The Dog Anti Bark Collar To Stop Problem Barking

I still remember how appalled I first was when I heard about shock collars being used to eliminate dogs barking. What I didn’t know at the time I first heard about shock anti-bark collars was that it’s not an electric shock, but rather a slight static shock that gently surprises the dog, and causes him to stop barking.

Anti bark collars have improved greatly since the early days of the static shock collars, thankfully. Now there are many different types of collars, and plenty to choose from within each category.

The Static Shock collar has undergone a lot of changes from the earlier collars. Even though there have been a lot of positive changes with this collar, they are generally speaking the least used type of collar. When activated, the static shock collar sends a quick little static shock into the dogs throat. The collar is usually sparked by the vocal chord’s vibrations but you can run into problems when the collar is activated by the noise of a dog barking. That can lead to your dog feeling a jolt if the neighbor’s dog barks, which seems a bit questionable to me.

A related collar is the sonic dog collar. This collar gives off a very high frequency sound whenever the dog starts barking. The sound is of such a high frequency in fact that it can’t be heard by humans, only dogs. One of the most amusing uses for this type of device I have seen on line was the sale of a bird feeder that actually is a device that emits this sonic noise. Apparently it is the way to controlling your neighbors dog’s barking! Just hang it in the tree, pointed towards the neighbors house and dog, and whenever your neighbor’s dog starts barking it lets off a sonic sound that only the naughty neighbor dog can hear. I can see the benefit of staying on good terms with your neighbor but toning down his dog’s noise level.

One of the more favorite collars in use these days is the citronella bark collar. This is also usually set off by the sound of the dog barking, or vibration of vocal cords. Instead of giving a jolt, or emiting sonic sound waves, it simply sprays liquid out of a small bottle on the collar that surprises the dog. Most dogs are not too fond of being sprayed in the face, and so they quickly learn to associate their barking with the unpleasant feeling. So the citronella spray collar can be very useful to dog owners.

A handy device for training dogs, the remote controlled collar can be used to adjust your dog’s behaviour more than just stopping him from barking. With the remote collar, you can set it off whenever the dog displays undesirable behaviour–whether it’s chasing the cat, or digging in the garden. Whatever the behaviour, just give a zap and the collar will let the dog know that what he’s doing is unacceptable.

Persistant barking is not normal for any dog. If your dog suddenly begins this bad habit you can be fairly certain that something is triggering it and in most cases you should be able to modify his surroundings and help stop him barking. However, if left too long, barking can sometimes become a habit and no matter what you do you can’t stop the dog from barking. If that’s the situation, and barking has become a habit for your dog, I’d advise you to look into trying one of the different anti bark collars.

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