Mans Best Friend – God Spelt Backwards

Man?s best friend has come a long way from the days of herding sheep and cattle. In today?s society the dog has become an integral part of the work force. We now have dogs used by the Customs Department for sniffing out drugs and contraband, while the armed services use dogs to sniff out bombs. In fact, dogs have been taken over to war zones to do just this.

Seeing eye dogs give the blind the opportunity of getting out and about and living a life they would not otherwise be able to do. Even hearing impaired people have dogs who act as their ears. Doctors now acknowledge that pets play an important part in assisting the ill to make a quicker recovery.

Dogs within the Police force play a vital part in the fight against crime and are regularly used in rescue operations. They are used to quell violent offenders, track scents and sniff out drugs.

We have all read remarkable stories of how animals have alerted their owners to danger and saved the lives of many.

In Asia, dogs, cats and other animals are a commodity. They are slaughtered for their meat and pelts and treated in the most abominable way. Animals have no rights. This of course has been happening for centuries; but in 2009 it still continues and does not look like ending in the near future.

Our beautiful dogs are used for fighting ? Michael Vick, a professional footballer in America was recently convicted of running illegal dog fighting in Virginia with over seventy dogs being seized. Once again the dog was treated as a commodity. Dog fighting occurs around the world and although illegal in most countries occurs on a regular basis.

Among the myriad of animals used for scientific research, our best friend is one of the star players. He is used for biological testing in laboratories to see if vaccines and medicines have any adverse side effects. This, despite the fact that human and dog have a completely different metabolism. He is also subjected to other forms of testing. Most of the dogs are destroyed after testing so that their tissues and organs can be examined. The only contact these animals have had with humans has been one of pain and torture.

Thankfully the dog is also a much loved member of a family, one whose presence is acknowledged with love.dogs He is a faithful companion and best friend to many elderly people. Don?t treat your dog like a commodity, love and care for him, he doesn?t ask for much. The rewards you will receive in return cannot be measured in money. Show you care and have your dog blessed.blessed

We all know what the word dog spells backwards.

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