Natural Dog Food Advice

People should know that commercial dog food is killing our best friends. You don’t hear about dog food recalls until you go to make a purchase of your favorite brand and find it’s been recalled. Do you know what you’re really feeding your dogs? Commercial brands of dog food don’t even come close to the health benefits of natural dog food.

If you knew that natural dog food would improve your pet’s health would you change it? You probably would after you finish reading this article.

Below please find advantages of natural dog food and also at guide to natural dog food.

Out of the hundreds of ingredients (more than 500) used in commercial dog food, 68 ingredients are potentially dangerous. Most of these dangerous ingredients are fillers, dyes and man made substances. Check the label of your dog?s current food to see all the garbage commercial dog food is loaded with. You may be shocked as you read the long list of ingredients. So if you’re wondering why your pet is itchy or has more than his share of infections, it’s probably in his food.

On the other hand, feeding your dog natural dog food is worth it to discover the countless benefits. Feeding your dog should begin with meat. Dogs naturally like meats, such as chicken, turkey, beef or even fish. Dogs also need other healthy ingredients such as vitamins and minerals. Make sure whichever brand you decide upon contains no artificial flavoring or coloring. It’s not good for humans and it’s not good for dogs.

Also, stay away from food made with grain, such as wheat, corn or oats. If eaten consistently, some dogs become itchy and can develop infections. Also, make sure the label includes a small amount of fat and some omega-3.

There are several online recipes for making your own natural dog food. Most are easy to assemble and best of all your dog will absolutely love them. So make enough for several meals.

There are several first-
rate brands of natural dog food on the market. First ask your veterinarian which natural dog food he would recommend and why. Make sure his answer includes the above-mentioned ingredients.

Most cities have pet stores that sell ONLY natural dog food products. I found one particular dog food that included all natural products and to my surprise, both of my dogs loved the natural dog food over the commercial dog food.

When you learn about the benefits of natural dog food, know that you?re prolonging your dog’s life. You’re also reducing the chances of disease, such as diabetes and cancer. It feels good to know that your dog is leading a happy and healthy life. It may also mean fewer visits to the vet and fewer medications. The bottom line is that the benefits of natural dog food definitely outweigh commercial dog

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