Obedience Training Dogs – Establishing Boundaries Boundaries

Everyone functions far happier when there exists rules and guidelines to adhere to. Either through laws, taboos or social norms we instinctively realise how we ought to behave. Dogs are exactly the same. Just as the yard they dash around in is defined by a fence, they ought to have similar mental barriers in order to behave in an acceptable and appropriate way. In this article let us discover the importance of making mental boundaries in obedience training dogs and exactly how we accomplish it.

I will beginwith a relevant analogy. If we put a few fleas into a jar or container, they would, one at a time, jump out. If you put a lid on the jar, they would hop and keep hitting the lid but after a time would corrolate jumping that high with a headache. You then could take off the lid and the fleas will not jump out of the jar. They would have established a boundary on themselves by repetition and, even after the physical limit had been taken away, will still be conditioned by the mental boundary.

In exactly the same way, you should define behaviour boundaries for your new puppy when it first comes to live with you. The crucial thing about establishing behaviour boundaries is to be completely consistent. It would be useless, for example if you were to allow your dog getting onto your sofa after a bath when it is all clean and fluffy and then getting upset when it hops on when it has just been rolling in the mud. The dog does not differentiate between OK if clean and not OK if dirty. The sofa/bed/chair is allowed unless there is a behaviour barrier that has been consistently reinforced to condition the dog that it is bad behaviour. In addition, if if it’s Ok for your dog to climb on the sofa in your house, you should not be shocked if it immediately gets onto other peoples’ sofas when visiting.

The same applies with what may be allowed for a pup but not for the fully grown dog. A rotweiller puppy curled up on your lap while you are watching television may be warm and comforting for both of you. However, when dog is fully grown and you have to sit on the floor while he sits on the sofa watching television, things will not be quite so warm and comfortable.

When first getting a dog you have to decide upon and define the acceptable behaviour boundaries. Then you must reinforce these behaviour boundaries rigourously in a totally consistent manner for the dog to learn properly. In a short while, your dog, exactly like the fleas in the jar, will be happier without constantly creating a headache for both of you!

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