Obedience Training For Dogs, Stop Your Dogs Bad Behaviour

Stop your dogs behavior problems in their tracks. Whether it be a puppy or adult dog, you cannot allow your dog to rule the roost. Your dog should have completed puppy obedience training by the time it is 1 year old.

That means trained for the house, leash, and basic sit-stay-down-recall commands as a minimum.

If you don’t then your dog will assume the roll of pack leader, which will make your life a misery, and you will find it very difficult to wrest the role back off the dog.

Without any obedience training at all you risk a whole list of behavioral problems like…

Dominant Dog
Agressiveness Towards People
Fighting With Other Dogs
Constant Attention Seeking
Constant Barking
Jumping Up At You
Pulling on the Leash
Doesn’t Come when Called

To become the alpha pack leader in the eyes of your dog, you must assume the roll of trainer, provider and discipliner all in one.

That means teaching all the usual commands that gives you control over your dog whether in the house, garden, street or park. These commands should include…

Come (Recall)
Shake Hands

If your puppy obedience training includes all this before the age of 1, then you will have a happy and fruitful relationship with your dog. If not, then you risk many of the behavior problems listed above, and more.

The best way to train your dog is with the do and reward method. Whenever the dog does what you ask, reward it with a treat. That way the command becomes a pleasure to the dog. Do not use punishment when the dog doesn’t do as you ask, that just makes it frustrated and resentful, and more difficult to train.

If you can get your dog to understand what is expected of him in the shortest possible time, it prevents the dog and you from becoming bored. The more fun you can make the training, the greater the response you’ll receive from your dog.

Communication and a mutual understanding are the keys to your success with your dog training. Make your dog feel that it is fun and rewarding to be with you. But in addition, ensure that you discipline your dog when it’s behavior is wrong. That doesn’t mean physical punishment, you will get far more from your dog with emotional punishment. You will see when the dog knows it has done something wrong.

If you are a first time dog owner, or if you aren’t having much success then it’s alright to seek obedience training aids, so long as the relationship between you and your dog remain central.

If you don’t want a disobedient dog that causes you stress and embarrassment, but rather a well behaved and valued family member, then you need to start training your dog as early as possible.

I have owned a dog from childhood, and have learnt many things the hard way. Train your dog early and you will negate many problems in the future.

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