Obedience Video – Best Option For Most Dog Owners

An obedience video is not the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks about dog training. It certainly is not the most traditional approach. But just because it may not be the oldest or most known method for training your dog, does not mean that it is a bad choice for you and your dog. An obedience video offers many of the advantages of the best styles of training, and without a lot of the disadvantages that each different approach has.

When one approaches dog training from the more conventional options, one inevitably ends up going with send-off training (where the dog is sent to the trainers kennels until training is complete), group class or in-home training. If the person is really a self starter, they might try reading a book or three on the subject. So what is wrong with these approaches? With send-off training, the owner is not part of the training and has a hard time making it work after the dog is back in the house. There is also the period of absence while the dog is gone, which is rough on most dog owners. Then there is the cost which tends to cost several hundred dollars for low-end training options and much more (in the thousand(s)) for advanced or specialized training. Group classes are a much cheaper option, but tend to not focus on problems that occur in the home like housebreaking, chewing, jumping, and nipping. These are real ‘deal breaker’ problems that are a higher priority than how your dog greets other people and dogs. Group classes also have the downside of having to meet at the trainers facility and at the time they set. In-home trainers give the best results, but tend to cost the most. They give 1 on 1 help, in the home, and focus on empowering the owner. The fee on average for a good in-home dog trainer is often $100/hr or more. Some dogs will require an in-home dog trainer, but many do not. An obedience video offers the same benefits of in-home training, such as; training in the home, empowering the owner, and focusing on behaviors that happen in the home. But it has the added benefit of being able to be done at the owner’s pace and for a fraction of the cost.

A good obedience video should be able to be found for under $50 dollars. It should offer a money back guarantee on the videos if you are not satisfied with it. It should be put out by a trainer that is experienced and whose methods you agree with. It only costs about as much as a book or two, but offers the critical visual aspect to facilitate the learning process. If you would like more information on how an obedience video works, and even which one I recommend, please click the following link.

Obedience Video

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