Owner||apos;||s Guide To Arthritis In Canines

Dogs develop arthritis when their joints become inflamed. This condition can be caused by various diseases or injury. This condition is most common in older dogs, but can also occur in younger canines. This article will discuss everything you need to know about arthritis in canines.


There are numerous reasons why dogs develop arthritis. One or more joints can be affected by a traumatic injury like a car accident. As mentioned earlier, various diseases can also affect the joints and cause this condition.

Obese dogs have a higher risk for developing arthritis. Young dogs that have improperly developed bones are also at risk.


The most noticeable symptom of arthritis in dogs is limping. This condition is very painful. This is why dogs with it don’t jump, run, or walk around as much as normal. Also, your pet may not like you touching him because of the pain. Arthritis commonly causes the affected joints to swell up also.


Experienced symptoms and your dog’s medical history are the basis of diagnosis. It’s also routine for the vet to palpate the joints to see if they’re swollen. An x-ray will likely be performed also. The vet may also take a sample of joint fluid for analysis.


Arthritis in dogs is most commonly treated with anti-inflammatory medications. Your dog will feel relief from the pain after taking this medication. If your dog suffered a traumatic injury, he may need to have surgery. Dogs that are overweight will find relief once they lose weight.

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