Owner||apos;||s Guide To Five Different Types Of Dog Allergies

Dogs can develop allergies just like humans can. There are five common types of canine allergies. Some of these types of allergies are bacterial, inhalant, contact, and food. Keep reading to learn about these different types of allergies in dogs.


One of the first types of allergies in dogs is the inhalant variety. It is characterized by a reaction to something that your dog breathes in. Some of the most common allergens include dust mites, pollen, and mold. Dogs allergic to pollen will only suffer problems seasonally. Other potential allergens can cause problems throughout the year.


Allergies in dogs can also occur when something touches their skin. Dogs can experience a reaction if they come into contact with objects such as bedding and carpet. Flea collars can also give dogs problems. This type of allergy usually causes redness and pus-filled welts. It can be prevented by recognizing the problem material and keeping your dog away from it.


Some dogs are also allergic to fleas. Your dog would suffer a reaction due to the saliva from the flea’s bite. The area that was bitten will likely redden, itch, and swell. The itchiness will cause your dog to scratch constantly. This may cause hot spots to develop and lead to hair loss. This type of allergy can be very difficult to control.


Bacteria can also cause allergic reactions in dogs. Dogs have various species of bacteria present in their bodies that normally causes no harm. Recurrent infections can become a problem if your dog develops an allergy to this bacteria. Hair loss is the main sign of this type of allergy. Your dog will need to take antibiotics to deal with this problem.


Certain ingredients in food can also cause an allergic reaction in your dog. Most allergic reactions to food cause diarrhea and vomiting. Your dog may even develop a reaction on his skin. Wheat, corn, lamb, beef, and oats are common ingredients that cause problems. This type of allergy usually develops over a long period of time.

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