Owner||apos;||s Guide To Four Types Of Dog Dermatitis

Dermatitis is a collective term used to describe different inflammatory skin diseases. Some of these diseases only affect the shine of the dog’s coat, while others can damage his overall health. Dogs can develop either atopic, contact, or moist dermatitis. This article will discuss some of the different types of dermatitis in dogs.


One of the first types of canine dermatitis is moist. The skin will suddenly develop moist, raw areas. This type of dermatitis is most common in hot, humid weather. The areas will become more raw as your dog constantly licks and scratches it. Bacteria can also invade these areas of skin.


Dogs can also develop atopic dermatitis. An allergic reaction to various things in the dog’s environment may bring on this condition. Grass is a common allergen. The affected area will become reddened and irritated. Some dog’s also experience runny eyes and noses.


The next type of dog dermatitis is the contact variety, which dogs develop over time. Various materials can cause an allergic reaction in your dog upon contact. Three common substances include carpet cleaner, fertilizer and bleach. Some dogs are even allergic to flea collars. The main symptom is red skin that itches constantly. This condition only affects the part of the skin that come into contact with the allergen.


This form of dermatitis is caused by flea allergies. Your dog may experience a reaction upon being bitten by a flea. In addition to constant, severe itching, the dog may also lose his hair in the affected spots. It is also possible for these areas to develop canine hot spots.

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