Pain Relievers For Canines ? The Best Pain Relievers For Your Canine

The fact that you have started to look for pain killers for your dog means that you have half of the battle won. I say this because pain in canine is a very hard thing to diagnose because dogs most of the time will not vocalise their pain, and a lot of them have very high pain thresholds. You have to look for differences in behaviour, or obvious signs such as swelling or slow movement.

So in this article we will outline the most common and effective pain killers for canines used by vets and dog owners, to effectively treat pain in their dogs.

Prescription Drugs ? Rimadyl is one of the most effective pain killers you can buy for dogs. It is also the most widely used prescription drug by vets for dogs for use as an effective dog pain reliever. It is often given to canines after accidents and operations. It can be expensive to buy, but you can generally get the drug a lot cheaper through online pharmacies. The majority of these online pharmacies will contact your vet on your behalf, making the whole process more simple.

If you are going to give you dog Rimadly it is wise to ask your vet if they feel the drug is appropriate and this is because of its strength. This is because there are many reported side effects, with some dogs such as labradors being more susceptible to liver damage and kidney damage that can be caused by the drug.

Dog Aspirin ? Just like human aspirin which is an effective pain reliever for humans, aspirin has proven to be an effective pain killer for dogs. Aspirin for canines is widely available and no prescription is needed. Because of this it is slightly cheaper but, you need to make sure you give you dog the correct dose otherwise there can be harmful side effects such as internal bleeding and stomach ulcers. This information is freely available, but any reputable manufacture of dog aspirin will give you guidelines.

Dog Joint Supplements ? Dog joint pain is the number one reason why prescriptions and pain killers are given to dog’s. Dog arthritis is a massive problem in canines, with recent estimates putting the numbers of dogs in the U.S suffering from arthritis around the 12 million mark. That is why so many people have started to give their dog’s supplements to serve as indirect pain killers for their dogs by treating the underlying causes of the dog arthritis. The disadvantage is most supplements are not FDA approved, so you should find supplements that have a proven track record and are actually endorsed by qualified vets.

The three different substances used above are the most widespread and effective pain killers for dogs that you can currently buy, so if you use either one or a combination of these methods there will be a noticeable change in your dog relatively quickly.

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