Potty Training A Puppy Secrets – What To Do When Your Puppy Eliminates Where He Shouldn’t

A lot of dog owners that try house training their dog, soon find out that despite their best efforts, their pet still runs around eliminating wherever he wants. This may be discouraging and makes you feel like your dog isn’t able to learn anything. However, you are getting negative way to fast, the key is to know how to behave in a situation when your dog does something wrong.

Investigating the background of the “accident”

A lot of dog owners assume that the fact that their pet eliminated in the middle of the room, right next to the spot where dog should “do his business”, means it is only their pets fault. The truth is that most of time, dog owners fail to allow their pets to eliminate often enough. Animals left with full bowels and bladders won’t be able to follow detailed elimination rules, they just try to release the discomfort they feel wherever they currently are.

That is why, you should ask yourself a question if your house training your dog attempts aren’t faulty. Do you take your dog to the elimination spot often enough? Did you really reinforce that the area with the litter box is the place where your pet should eliminate?

If you want your house training dogs process to be fast and effective, you can’t confuse your dog by giving him conflicting commands and responses. Never play with your dog when he is supposed to eliminate. You should take him to elimination spot, ice-cold give him command to eliminate and if he does it, you can praise him and give him a snack.

What to do if it really is your dogs fault…

If you are certain the whole responsibility lies on your dogs shoulders, there are few things you can do. First, never rub your dogs nose into the mess. This is pointless behavior and will only make your dog scared to eliminate in your presence. This doesn’t mean he will start to eliminate in right places, he will simply do it whenever you are not around.

I know for some dog owners it may be hard, but after your dog eliminated where he is not supposed to, you just grab him, take him to the elimination spot and do the standard procedure. It is quite obvious, your dog may have troubles eliminating again in such a short period of time, but you are supposed to only reinforce positive behavior not wait till your pet eliminates again.

Something that has a high success rate is taking dogs feces from your beautiful carpet or floor and putting them into the elimination box. This way you should make it clear to him that his feces “go there.”

Overall, dealing with your dogs accidents, is a very straightforward process. The only thing it requires from you is consistence and fast response. You should also stay calm when your dog does something wrong, don’t shout just use firm and strong voice.

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