Potty Training Puppies: The Basics

There are various ways when it comes to potty training puppies, but which one is right? According to professionals, the best way to train your puppy is start as the very first thing you do when you bring the puppy home. Once the puppy gets home, take them to the place you want them to always pee. With all the excitement of a new house and family, the puppy will have to go anyways.

Once you take them to the spot you want them to pee, let them sniff around. Don’t interrupt them with playing and attention, let them sniff around and they will go. While they’re going, say a command like, “Go Potty,” or something similar. They’ll contribute that saying to anytime they need to go potty.

Once they pee outside, they’ll do it again and again. The reason why puppies always pee inside is because it was the first place they went pee and will want to do it again. This technique should take care of the problem immediately.

You may of heard the term crate training before, if you haven’t, then I’m sure this won’t be the only time you’ll hear of it. Experts believe that crate training is the best method to house train your puppy.

The general method of crate training is to get a small indoor kennel that you can put your puppy in. At night, make sure they go to the bathroom before locking them in the crate. Once you put them in the crate, an animals natural instinct is not to pee where they sleep. Make sure the crate is comfortable. Put pillows, play toys, and water in the crate. This also works well with puppy withdrawal issues too.

When you wake up in the morning, let your puppy out to use go to the bathroom. After awhile, you won’t have to lock your puppy in the crate. This method works really well.

It’s a good idea to buy a pet crate big enough for when they get older, they can stand up in. Don’t buy one that’s too big. The reason why is your dog may find the crate big enough to pee in one of the corners and sleep in the other.

Because the adult dog is likely to be considerably larger than the puppy, it’ll most likely be necessary for you to use a barrier to reduce the internal size of the crate. A wire grille or board will do just fine.
Alternatively, you can use a cheap crate (or even make one yourself) and replace it with a larger model as your puppy grows.

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