Potty Training Your Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terriers make great pets. They are affectionate, devoted and make great companions and watch dogs. However, if you are thinking of getting one, you need to know how to potty-train your Yorkshire Terrier the right way.

It is said that all small dog breeds as well as the yorkshire terrier are oftentimes hard to be housetrained. But don’t let this get in the way your decision to own one. The benefits of owning a Yorkshire Terrier definatley compensate the task of simple potty-training

Follow these procedures to help you make certain that this chore is met more easily for you and your Yorkie puppy. The best time to start potty-training your yorkie puppies is as soon as you get your puppy home. Keep in mind that your puppy’s bladder is not fully developed until after he has grown.

1. Take your puppy outside frequently, every hour or so if your schedule alllows. Take your puppy to the same spot preferably, each time. If you are pee pee pad training, take your puppy to the pee pee pad. Do not change the pee pee pad if the puppy urinates on it as the scent will help the puppy go on the pad for the next potty visit.

2. Other times to take your puppy to its “potty spot” are after your Yorkie has had something to eat or drink. Also be sure to take your puppy to potty after waking up in the dawn or after a long snooze. Also before having a playtime.

3. As you take your puppy to “the potty spot” to eliminate, use a command such as “go potty”, repeating the command until the puppy eliminates. Be consistent by using the exact same phrase each time as they will relate the command with this action. Saying a different phrase will just add confusion for your new Yorkie.

4. When your puppy is successful you should then follow up the action of elimination with a lot of phrase such as “good doggie” along with lots of petting and attention.

5. During the first few weeks of house-training, there will regrettably be accidents. When you see your Yorkie going potty in the house, speak loudly saying, “NO” or “STOP”, and immediately take your Yorkie to its “potty spot”, and follow the prior routine. You should never physically hurt your puppy or put their nose in it. This can have an adverse affect and really upset your puppy’s training progress.

6. Be sure to use a cleaner that gets rid of the smell that is left behind where your puppy had his accident. As this will prevent your puppy from smelling that same spot and eliminating there again.

7. To be more successful at housetraining your Yorkie, you should keep your puppy confined at night time and when you are away from home. You can achieve this by either using a dog crate of exercise pen. The reason a crate is used is a dog does not like to lay in its own pee and will hold it, teaching the puppy to hold its bladder. If using an exercise pen, make it small enough as to leave room for only the puppy’s bed and a pee pee pad, nothing else. Again, your puppy will not want to pee where he lays, and will encourage him to pee on the pee pee pad.

8. Monitor how much water intake your Yorkie has just before bedtime. Also feed your puppy’s dinner to him as to allow plenty of time for your puppy to be able to defecate before bedtime.

Potty-training your Yorkshire Terrier puppy doesn’t have to be a pain if you follow these steps. Just be patient, consistent, and victory will follow. So when you see yorkies for sale, don’t hesitate to buy one, as they make wonderful house pets.