Practical Hints On How To Train Dogs

It is in a dog’s nature to bark just as it is a cat’s natural inclination to meow. Nevertheless, some dogs are are fond of barking at anything even when they aren’t supposed to. Some dogs even bark at ants for crying out loud! It can be discomforting to have a dog that barks non-stop. It may even achieve friction between you and that not-so friendly neighbor who loves his quiet.

There’s no doubt about it. A dog that barks constantly needs to know when to back down, and when to bark. There are more than a few ways that you can train your dog to stop its unending bark. Still, three commonly used tools for this purpose are the citronella collar and the audio collar.

– The citronella collar: the citronella collar is used by some dog owners to train their dogs not to bark all the time. Citronella collars contain spray devices that automatically squirt citronella into a dog’s nose or mouth when it starts barking. Dogs are particularly averse to citronella because it gives them one hell of an irritation. You can put on the citronella collar for your dog when you go out so that it doesn’t bother your neighbors with its barking. Basically, you control when the collar squirts out the citronella so you can tell your dog when barking is all right and when it isn’t. If you use it more than usual, you may traumatize your dog and stop it from barking all together, so use it wisely.

– The audio collar: The audio collar emits a high-pitched noise into the dog’s ears that tends to upset dog. The noises these collars produce are not audible to human ears except the dog’s ears. Your dog will learn fast when it should bark and when it shouldn’t with the audio collar. Once again, you should use it with care in order not to pervert the purpose it was made for.

– The electronic collar: The electronic collar emits electric shocks that tend to momentarily disorient the dog. If your dog barks without ceasing all the time, this collar can easily keep it in check.

In using these collars, you must certify that you do not over do it or you will only compound the mess.

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