Practical Info On Training A Dog

The fact about dogs is that they are adorable creatures that can be a handful if they aren’t properly minded. Dog owners have various reasons for training their dogs. A dog may be well trained in one area and be total flop in another. The different aspects of dog training demand that you train your dog extensively to get the best behavior from it. The aspects in which dogs are generally trained include:

– Barking: Some dogs just don’t know when to stop barking! If your dog has an incessant barking problem, training it to know the right time to bark will help. A dog can be trained to bark using dog training tools such as the crate or an electronic collar. On the reverse side, some dogs may not be able to bark at all. In such cases, taking your dog to see an animal psychologist also constitutes training.

Potty training: A dog needs to be house trained if it is going to stay in the confines of the home. Trust me, waking up to find your dog left you a package in the middle of the kitchen floor can spoil your day. House training methods vary from dog owner to dog owner. While some dog owners may use tissues or a litter boxes others may use a crate.

– Chewing: Dogs need to be trained not to chew. It can be frustrating to have a dog that nibbles everything you have from your bathroom slippers to your cushion pillows. procuring a chew toy or a dog toy for your dog forms part of its training as it learns not to chew your stuff.

– Obedience: This forms the main part of dog training sessions. A dog that does not know how to listen to its master’s voice can be a troublemaker. All dogs need to learn how to obey their owners and therein lies the secret to having a good dog.

– Tricks: Some dogs are trained to conduct tricks like shaking hands with a stranger or standing on their hindlegs. Training a dog to conduct tricks may be for entertainment or even as a source of income.

Don?t make the mistake of buying plush toys for your dog to chew on because it won?t be able to tell the difference between a plush toy and a plush pillow. In selecting chew toys for your dog, buy a few that are the same in size and color in other to help your dog keep track of them. Buying your dog a myriad of chew toys can confuse it and defeat the aim of distracting it from chewing your valuables.

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