Puppies Training Over The Command To

The common and a key rule for work with a dog as a whole is the valid relation to it. Remember that it first of all your friend, and only then the puppy, a sentry dog or …

And still it is not necessary to forget about severity. So, to begin with it is necessary to find approaching place for new puppy training. It should be silent, without external irritants, it is better, if it is the acquaintance for a puppy. Then at it less temptations will distract. Also do not forget to take with itself any delicacy which is preferred by your puppy, for its encouragement. Well, the place is chosen, the delicacy is prepared., then ? in a way, to comprehension of new commands!

To begin with put a delicacy on a palm, is better to press its big finger. Then say a command to “Sit” (a command should be said accurately), thus put a palm of a free hand on a waist more close to a croup and press a little, forcing a dog to sit down. The delicacy is better for bringing to a muzzle, but not to give yet. Only when the dog will sit down, it is necessary to praise it “well to sit” (besides to say accurately, easy), to stroke it and to award with a tact. After command and encouragement performance let the dog will a little sit (approximately till 30 seconds), then you can release its command “walk”. It is necessary to repeat the given exercise 3-4 times, thus doing having rummaged in 4-5 minutes.

Your pupil has already begun to execute the given command, but till the end of work on training of a puppy still far. Now you should achieve, that your puppy executed this command, being from you on distance. For this purpose after performance of a command by a dog, start to depart from it for some time, leaving its sitting on a place. Gradually increase distance, since 1 metre. In an operating time over this exercise you should be always faced to a dog to see its actions and to correct mistakes if those appear. So, for instance, if the dog tries to rise to run up to you or simply to replace a pose, make a step forward, simultaneously strictly submitting a command to “Sit”. When the command will be correctly executed – the dog can be called up to itself a command “to me” or to approach most, to encourage with a delicacy, to praise it for right executed command (further encouragements with a delicacy to reduce, gradually absolutely having cleaned them).

The given exercise should be repeated, gradually increasing time of performance of a command and distance from which she moves. It is possible to consider a command learnt, and exercise fulfilled if the puppy implicitly executes a command on distance of 15 metres.
But do not forget, that puppy training – is tiresome, it is impossible to overload an animal. Therefore carry out with it no more than 3-4 exercises for one walk. And do not forget to do between exercises breaks 10-15 minutes. Be patient and attentive to the pupil, and the result will not keep itself waiting.

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