Puppy Training Guide

Puppy Training Guide
This is basically the first and most important training for your little puppy.
If you buy your puppy, make sure you buy from a responsible breeder who has already started the process of potty training your puppy.
This will help you alot!

So what else should you keep in mind when it comes to potty training the little pup?
Be patient! And remember that your puppy is just that, a puppy.
He or she is not a child and no matter if you scream or yell or loose your temper the dog will not understand why you are so angry with him.
You can yell untill you turn blue in your face, the pup will not understand your words, especially in the beginning of the potty training.

What you should do in case of an emergency is to say NO! to your dog (Don?t yell, but used a firm voice) and then take your dog outside for a little walk.
When you get back home, place your puppy in a safe zone, like a crate (Crate training is also one of the most important training) while you clean up the mess.

Do not use just soap and water to clean up the mess, it wont do, the dog will pick up the scent, and the room will still smell like a toilet to him and this may cause even more accidents.
You may find great cleaning products in your local pet store to help you out.

Whilst being young and playful the puppy should be confined to rooms with tile or other washable flooring, this is to prevent the room smelling like a toilet, and the fact that you don?t ruin any carpets.

What else is important to remember?
Well after each meal the pup should go outside right away, to do his business. And you should try to get him outside At least once every hour during the rest of the day.

Puppies need lots of water. This is especially true if you feed your dog dry foods.
However, you should feed your dog at least four hours before bedtime and then remove the water two hours before bedtime, this is to prevent accidents during the night.

An important note to many puppy owners: If your puppy has an accident, do not go rub the dogs nose in it. Nothing good will come out of it, instead, make sure that you keep an eye out and watch the dog at all time.
In most cases, accidents indoors, is the owners fault, NOT the puppies.

Oh and dont forget to have fun!
The dog is mans best friend, as you soon will discover.
I hope you?ve found some good advices in this puppy training guide.

Puppy Training Guide
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