Puppy Training – Information For Teaching Your Puppy At Home

One of the most important reasons pet owners choose to train their own puppies at home is because it gives them such a sense of gratification and pride. You were the one who trained your puppy how to sit down, so every time he sits, you can feel good about that. You too will develop a great relationship with your pet through at-home puppy training because your puppy will trust you. In order to make the most out of this mode of training, it is imperative that you do not anticipate too much of your puppy in the initial stages. Everything is new to them, so you have to be patient.

Some pet owners who do their own puppy schooling find that they are able to train their small pup faster than in classes. The grounds for this is because the puppy is comfortable with you and with your home, so he is more willing to satisfy you. He does not have to fret about strange people telling him what to do when the training is at home. When this is avoided, you will be able to persuade your puppy to pay attention to you better, which will make the complete training procedure a lot faster and smoother.

A great pointer for any puppy care provider trying to do puppy training on their own is to start small. Although you would like to be able to inform your friends that you got your dog to roll over and bark in the first training session, you have to recognize that your puppy is as new to training as you are. You should to start with something small such as sitting. It is something you are able to physically show them how to do while you are telling them to sit. They are able to grasp your command better this way. You then can advance upward with additional training.

Similar to starting small when it comes to puppy training are the session lengths. Although you would love to have a extended session where you can instruct your puppy several commands and tricks, you have to recognize that your puppy has an particularly short attention span. You will want to give them recreation and food breaks to keep their mind on you. The longer you go without a break, the less they will understand because they will not pay attention. This will cause at-home training much easier to accomplish.

And remember, dogs are motivated by their sense of smell and their desire for food. If it smells good, it most likely tastes delightful. Because dogs like to eat, food rewards are effective teaching tools. In addition, dogs take notice of sounds that cannot be picked up by the human ear. What they hear, they concentrate on. Their keen hearing enables you to use whistles, hand claps, words, and whispers as signals of rewards as well.

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