Qualitative Composition Of Dog’s Food

Qualitative composition of dog’s food: presence of proteins, carbohydrates, mineral substances, vitamins must be considered. Hypersensibility to one or another substance in a diet is described in medical and veterinary practice. Such allergic reactions as a diarrhea, vomiting, stomachache, eczema, asthma, headaches and even hyperactivity are already learned.

However, allergic reactions to some foodstuffs are not so often in veterinary practice, as in medical one. Almost all allergic reactions boil down to skin manifestations, diarrhoeia and asthmatoid conditions.

Researchers distinguish two big aetiological groups of food allergies: food hypersensitivity (an allergy proper) and food insensibility (inability of an organism to digest some substance).

Clinical displays of a dog’s food allergy are extremely various. This variety is caused by the large number of factors influencing the development of clinical symptoms. The main are inadequate reaction of immune system of an organism to food (which can provoke allergic reaction of the immediate and delayed types), presence of factors promoting releasing of histamine, endorphins and exorphins, lack of digestive enzymes.

Successful treatment of this allergic symptocomplexes is impossible without giving special selective pet food.

It is generally known, that any food component can cause allergic reaction. It concerns proteins, lipoproteins, glycoproteins, lipopolysaccharides and carbohydrates. Nevertheless, the principal cause of allergic reactions is, as a rule, proteins.

Over one-half of cases of a food allergy are always caused by cow milk, beef and cereals. And the majority of animals with symptoms of food allergy, as a rule, react to several components of a diet. In many cases food intolerance can be caused by development of idiosyncrasy, because of which an animal loses ability to digest food.

In this process some other organisms can also be involved. For example, some foodstuff can contain pharmacological active substances and can cause release of mediator, such as histamine. The most dangerous are marine products (fish, mollusks), chocolate and egg white.
Lactose intolerance is a striking example of food intolerance which dogs with low ferment activity of bowels have. It limits possibility of milk’s lactose’s hydrolysis or other dairy products. The result of it is, as a rule, diarrhea.
Vets, who want to treat food allergy, have to create a diet with the help of which clinical symptoms of disease will disappear. It assumes identification of leading allergen and its removal from a diet. As a rule, we carefully analyze all foodstuff, which is in a diet of a sick animal. It is necessary for us to know everything, which your dog ate during last 4 weeks, or if this is possible, everything, that your dog ate during its life. Studying this list, we can find products which your dog never ate. These products can be a basis of an individual hypoallergenic diet.

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