Quickly Get Rid Of Fleas – The Trouble-free Way

Once you suspect that you have a flea crisis in your house, the first thing you need to do is become a neat freak. Prior to getting fleas in the house, I hated to vacuum. I’m a guy. This is pretty natural.

But once you have a flea problem, you really don’t have the luxury to use the “I’m a guy” excuse. You need to become a clean freak.

Once I suspect that my cats brought in another batch of fleas into the house, I have no choice but to begin vacuuming the room where I was bit, and out of fear, eventually the entire house. And the bad news is… you need to do this everyday.

It sucks. I hate to vacuum. But your choices are get eaten alive, or vacuum everyday.

I must choose to vacuum every single day. Fleas suck.

If you thought vacuuming the whole house everyday was sufficient to get rid of fleas, well.. I guess you’re still new to this flea thing. Bad news. You must do much more to get rid of fleas!!!

This is why fleas suck. You really have to make this your second occupation in order to get rid of these pesky parasites.

So, the next thing you need to do after you vacuum your entire house is to change all of your bedsheets. Fleas love to hang out with you in your bed. And they love to get you when you’re sleeping. Simple target.

This is such a drag. Just picture the thought of having to sleep with 5-10 fleas a night. Yuck.

Regrettably, in reality, this is what is happening. And the most trouble case if you don’t do anything about it, the fleas will start to make your bed into their home. They will begin to live there, mate there, and start to breed right on your bed. How’s that for a passionate night?

So what you need to do is to clean your bedsheets. Again, I hated to do this before I had fleas. I prefer to changed my bedsheets once a month when I was single, and back in college.

Now with fleas around, I need to change it every 3 days or so. And this is after I get eaten alive. It’s most likely suggested to change it everyday or every other day.

Changing the bedsheets pains me because of all the water source I need to use. I live in Southern California, and we have a water shortage. These sheets are pretty clean aside from the fact that they’ve got a small number of fleas living in them. Thanks to these 2-4 fleas, I need to do the entire bed. This sucks.

But again, your choices are: get eaten alive at night and risk making your bed a place for fleas to breed in; or wash the sheets.

I choose to wash the bed sheets. Again, fleas suck.

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