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%link2 %The Day I Became Connie Dog

Written by my own paws – Mercy

It all began with a stupid mosquito. Of all places, it chose to bite me right on the edge of my left lower eyelid. Talking about itch – this one was the mother of all itches. So up came my hind leg and scratched, scratched and scratched. Boy, was it good feeling or what? I scratched so much until the bite area became raw. Then it started to bleed. Goodness noticed the wound and helped me clean it with her tongue.

During the night, when Mommy returned from her work, she screamed for Daddy. Goodness and I thought that she had spotted the bone that we had hidden in the sofa. No, she was looking at me – straight in the eyes. Now that was scary. When Mommy stares, the world stops spinning.

The next terrifying thing was when she walked menacingly towards me. The furs on my neck stood up in full attention. All the alarms rang in my head and my heart raced like a cat whose tail was on fire. However, the firm command, “stay” was paralyzing. Stayed I did and Mommy took my head in her gentle hands.

By that time, Daddy had joined the health inspection process. They both concluded that I had scratched my eye and needed special attention. Mommy cleaned my wound and applied antiseptic cream. The next day, Aunt Pam who is a veterinarian, prescribed antihistamine pills to stop the itch. Mommy also brought a big white dog cone cone and placed it around my neck. That was how I became ‘Connie Dog’.

I had to pay a heavy price to have that privilege of bearing the title of ‘ Connie Dog’. First and foremost, I noticed that the rest of my body had disappeared from sight. I turned my head here and there, and still could not even take a peep at my behind. I could see my front paws but not the whole front legs. I knew that my head was still firmly attached to my body because I could feel every part of it.

When the itch descended in a rush, my leg naturally reacted. No matter how crazy my happy foot scratched, it only hit the cone. The scratching sound was so magnified that it became irritating. On a few occasions, Goodness tried to help but was soundly warned against doing so by both Mommy and Daddy. Goodness is a good sister but she is also an obedient daughter. So, she pretty well left me to deal with the itch by myself.

After three weeks, my wound was completely healed. The cone came off and my body returned to sight. I could not only feel my pretty body but I could see it too. Thankfully it was still all in one piece.

One day, when Mommy and Daddy were having their nap after church, I personally demolished the white cone. Bow wow wow. Even though our parents were not too happy about my vengeful act, I must say that it was satisfaction beyond description. A double Bow wow wow.

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