Read More About Pets And The Funny Things They Do As Well As Health Issues!

I would like to dedicate this article to my dogs Shadow and Snape and all the funny things they do and the joy that they bring into my life. I have two children but their dad never let them have a dog until my daughters 13th birthday and he finally said yes. It was her dog and she would take care of everything………………….not! I now have a dog named Shadow that I take care of everything and he is my shadow, he goes where I go all day long.

There are several websites that I visit and write articles for where people love to write about their pets as well. Not all of the information is of a happy nature, some of the pet owners take you through some of the tough times they have with their unwell pets as well. The following information is about just that and I hope it may be helpful to someone out their who may be experiencing the same problems and are not sure where to find the answers.

Reading an article about pets your house with multiple pets, I thought I was going to read about how the pets cleaned the house and wow, was I ready for that.

The article talks about different ways that pet owners try to keep things clean with pets. Some choose to have tile floors etc. I myself have two dogs and they are potty trained but my newest dog, Snape, decided during his first experience with rain that he would just raise his leg in the house. This was definitely a problem to that needed to be corrected.

There is another website called that I was reading an article about a piece in a previous post, that talked about an aging Golden retriever Gracie who had become sick this week and was hospitalized.

You can read this article in its entirety at and find out about the disease called Vestbuler as well as the diagnosis and the prognosis. Other interesting articles like European dogs, keep your dog healthy, happy birthday to our puppies or happy howling Halloween just to name a few.

This is a really nicely done site; it has such beautiful vibrant colors that really speak for what the site is about, brown for dirt, and green for grass and blue skies. It really has some funny stuff. If you are interested in dogs, this is a great place to visit.

Another article at that same website I was reading was an article about what has been going on in her world. Virginia Jane is one of the three golden retrievers that live here. My last article was about their posting of Halloween Hilarity. The author talks about how dressing up your dog can be lots of fun. They have Golden Retrievers and they only need antlers during the holidays. There are several pictures of dogs dressed up that you just have to see, it’s so funny.

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