Rescuing German Shepherds

If getting a German Shepherd for a companion, you can check with rescue organizations in your area for a puppy or an adult dog. There are many dogs to consider in these facilities and all of them deserve to have a home of their own where people will love them and take care of them.

Sometimes, people give up their German Shepherds. These dogs are often taken to rescue institutions where they live temporarily until somebody adopts them. Some of the animals have either been abused or abandoned. There are some owners who voluntarily take their dogs in for some sad reason.

These rescue organizations, which are usually ran by volunteers operate to provide a temporary shelter for animals while they look for good homes for them. If it weren’t for these volunteers, the animals will be permanently put down in the animal shelters. The rescuers often bring the animals to foster homes and actively look for people who could take them in and adopt them for good.

If you want an AKC registered dog, then the rescue organizations may not be able to help. Most registered animals are brought back to the breeders provide new homes for them. But you can still try your luck with the rescue folks in case a registered dog pops out and you can adopt that one. If the papers are needed for shows then go for the registered ones but remember that German Shepherds are the same dogs, with or without registration.

Communicate properly with the shelter, the details of the dog you want to adopt. Give them information on where the dog will live, who the people at home are, what other animals you have as pets, and who your veterinarian is. Rescue organizations are particular about the people adopting their animals.

Rescuing a dog means paying some adoption fees that range from $75 to $150. The cost covers the expenses incurred in feeding and caring for the dog as well as the costs for spaying, neutering, and the vaccinations. The adoption fee is reasonable and cheaper than the costs of a dog from a breeder and the costs of the vet who will take care of the basics. The volunteers do not profit from these adoptions but they need to get back the money they spent in taking care of the dog before the adoption.

To find the local rescue organization, check with the Human Society, your vet, or check the Internet. If there isn’t any in your area, you can check the others who are agreeable to long-distance adoptions. A home visit will be arranged to check the potential new home of their dog.

Adopting German Shepherds from the rescue organization do save dogs’ lives. Best of all you’ll have a great companion for life who will be forever thankful.

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