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Secrets of Dog Training, until currently known as Sit Stay Fetch is a popular downloadable dog training notices package. Many people’s dog training difficulties have been solved by it, as you can view at its website: Secrets of Dog Training

And no uncertainty about it, it’s widely favorite online. It turns up anywhere. But I questioned… Would it be something I could approve to you, my reader? I’m a old librarian with pretty exacting standards for publications.

Secrets of dog training ebook
To get right to the point: Sit Stay Fetch is a very nicely done dog training package; you buy a lot for your money. It turned out not to be my cup of tea as long as…

I am of the school of thought that you can train a dog by using techniques that work on other animals too, such as clicker training and other positive reinforcement approach. Sit Stay Fetch is squarely in the school of thought that you must to be alpha over your dog. The two approaches are more like various angles on the subject of dog training than all opposites. If you like or are open to the alpha tactic, then Secrets of Dog Training could be your cup of tea. Clicking on the image carries you to the representation of it on the author’s website.

Meanwhile I first downloaded it, I was a bit affected by the sheer volume of what I had a moment ago acquired. Alongside the main ebook titled Secrets of Dog Training, I now had nine audio files and eight videos. Not to mention several bonus ebooks.

But not to worry, it’s all very well-organized. The full Table of Contents is certain pages long…gee, I sound identical a librarian saying that, don’t I? But what I liked about that is how easy it is to receive an overview of what is included or discover a topic you are thinking about. (I couldn’t think of any dog problems that aren’t covered.) Later, on Page 12, there’s a handy chart that shows you how entire sections relate.

If you’d like to look what everything is in the ebook, click here for my Squidoo analysis of Secrets of Dog Training, where I list all the modules.

When you read Secrets of Dog Training, the how-to information alternates with impressive stories of how someone solved the canine complication under discussion. I liked this for the reason it made the reading flow very smoothly but as well because I think we humans train well from stories.

The sound files are firstly the many chapters. I put one on my portable mp3 player and listened to it the other morning while practising. I had before read the chapter, so I didn’t think I’d learn much, but I was surprised. We take stuff in differently through our ears, and I picked up various points that I hadn’t noticed when reading. The videos fill out several topics. Both adults and children might approve them, I imagine.

If you love to train from a variety of media formats, this package has them all. This multi-media dog training course comes with several bonus ebooks, including an one called The Ultimate House Training Guide. And one great bonus is an email consultation with Daniel or his team on a dog attitude problem you have. Very useful! He tells some of these consultations on his site and they are quite interesting. I definetely liked that you can receive the package as a gift for someone else. Facts are around the bottom of his page.

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